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How do you turn around at the end of this year

From now on, discover the hidden crisis around you, learn how to turn over salted fish in adversity and fight in the world again!

You are like a spoiled child, because you have not met the unforgettable love, it can be said that you have never experienced the taste of lovelorn. However, no one's sky is always sunny. If one day, your life encounters haze, wind and snow, how should you deal with it? Don't wait for cold storage to hold a Book of "who moved my cheese" to murmur. From now on, discover the hidden crisis around you, learn how to turn over salted fish in adversity, and fight again in the world!

1. If you can choose, where will you develop in the future?

Cities far away from home

Cities close to home - question 3

2. Which one is more attractive to you?

American TV series-4

Hong Kong Opera-5

3. When you go to school, why do you usually skip classes?

Sleep - 4

Shopping - 6

4. There are two kinds of jobs for you to choose. Will you choose?

The salary is high, but the development prospect is not optimistic - 5

Low salary, but good prospects - 6

5. Your work partner is a member of the opposite sex, and is always close to you by excuse. You are tired of this. Would you?

Talk to the other person clearly - 6

Try to stay away - 7

6. Do you want to leave your work in another city?

Leave it alone and let it go - 8

There's no need to delay the time of both parties. Break up - 7

7. What's more important to you?

Knee like glue with a loved one-8

Get the boss's appreciation, promotion and raise - 9

8. If you hear about your lover's peach blossom news, will you?

Self investigation - 10

Ask your lover personally - 9

9. You go out to do a part-time job in violation of the company's regulations and are found by a colleague. What will you do?

Bribe that colleague not to say - 10

Quit a part-time job, if the boss or colleagues ask, they will not admit it

10. You've received two party invitations. At the same time, which one will you attend?

Cocktail party-13

Masquerade ball-11

11. Your performance is outstanding, and you are appreciated by your boss and promoted to be a team leader. But your department head is a newcomer who joined the industry later than you, and his ability is not better than you. What will you do?

Add a position in private and try to win the limelight of the supervisor - type C

Or will they actively cooperate - 12

12. Once did a project, the performance is terrible, now the boss asked you to follow a similar project, would you still?

Yes - type B

Push off - type A

13. How do you think you can avoid the cold eye of others?

Cover up your edge-d

Don't make trouble for others - type E

Test results:

Type A, tips: don't belittle yourself at any time

From time to time in your life, you will find that some skills seem to be born to you, such as: matching clothes, tidying up the room or remembering everyone's name hellip; when you do these things, will you win others' compliments and praise, and you will also feel great satisfaction?

They sound like little things, but that's talent, that's what makes you smart. Although they can't sign the sales list for you right now, who knows if these talents will help you in the future?

Type B, tips: live in the present

You have ideals and aspirations, but it seems that you always exist in the future. After saying "future" for many years, why is "future" still just "future", and you are almost desperate? The reason is that there is only an ideal illusion in your mind, and you don't know what you want and how to do it!

From now on, change your mind. Don't always think about 'how much money I have in the future, what kind of house I want to live in, and which country to send my children to study in'. Instead, we should think about 'what work must I finish today' or 'what big items I want to buy in half a year', then, from now on, how much money should I save each month '& hellip;

C, tips: change your mode of thinking

Do you think your IQ is really high, but it seems that you can't get anything from your intelligence? It's because you are always complaining, and you have to deal with all the work that you have to do. How can you give full play to your intelligence?

Why do you want to think 'everyone is beating me' instead of 'look, I will do my best job and convince you all'? Why do you think 'how can there always be unfinished work' instead of 'it will bring me a better life, so it is worth my efforts'?

Type D, tips: luck is created by ourselves

You can't meet good luck anytime, anywhere, but you can attract it. You have to learn to create opportunities for yourself. For example, if your favorite person arrives at the office building at 8:50 every day, you will arrive a few minutes early and wait to take the elevator with him.

Moreover, you should trust your intuition (on the premise of your own professional quality). If your intuition tells you that ring a should be set on ring B, then it's a good set. You are always hesitant and hesitant. No matter how lucky you are, you will fly away with your wings.

E-type, tips: build your own group of relatives and friends

They may be family members and friends who have been with you for many years. They care about you and wish you well. No matter what they usually do is icing on the cake or pouring cold water on you from time to time, remember that their original intention is for you. You should try to run this group of relatives and friends. They will help you when you are in trouble.

They may be your mentors or predecessors in the industry. They have rich experience and know the trends and political strategies in the industry. Their help is far beyond others' ability. You are worthy of spending time and energy to build mutual trust with them.