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Are you suitable for going out

If you are married and have a child, but the child wants to have a pet, what kind of pet will you let him have?

A little white rabbit

B Little Turtle

C Kitty

D little dog

E reptiles

Test results: White Rabbit

Suitable for going out index 20 points, belongs to the greenhouse flower, can be lazy on lazy, have time to sleep type.

Little Turtle

It is suitable for going out with a score of 40, belonging to the smart and compliant type. Going out is a bit tiring for you. You'd better do what others tell you, which will make you more happy.

little cat

Suitable for going out index 60 points, on behalf of your personality smart and smart, see people talk, ghost talk nonsense, if the boss assigned you to go abroad, you can be at ease!


Fit to go out index 80 points, on behalf of you are ready to move, have the mood to go out to travel, also means that you can arrange a holiday or travel recently!


Suitable for going out index 100 points, belongs to where can take risks and difficulties, so it is most suitable for going out for development!