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Do you know the wonderful uses of rice water?

The study found that rice washing water contains protein, starch, minerals and other nutrients, which can be used to wash the face, moisten the skin and drink after boiling. It is helpful to protect the gastric mucosa, eliminate food accumulation and improve indigestion. Traditional Chinese medicine also tries to stir fry traditional Chinese medicine with rice washing water as a prescription for nourishing the spleen and stomach.

The magic of rice washing water: Top 10 unknown functions of rice washing water

In addition, the pH value of the first or two courses of rice washing water is about 5.5, and after washing twice, the pH value is about 7.2. This kind of weak alkaline rice washing water is very suitable for cleaning articles, and can replace soapy water to wash off sebum. Moreover, compared with ordinary industrial washing powder, it has moderate washing power, mild texture and no side effects.

Dermatologist: rice water does not stimulate the skin, no side effects

However, in the eyes of dermatologists, Taomi water has another effect --- removing oil and moistening skin. Especially for people with acne and oily skin with large pores, washing face with rice washing water can not only remove skin dirt, but also not stimulate the skin.

The reason why the rice washing water has such a wonderful effect is that the surface of rice (the first rice washing water) contains potassium. The first rice washing water is weakly acidic, while the second rice washing water is weakly alkaline. It is very suitable for cleaning the weak acid environment on the face. Sometimes it can replace the cleansing products, and it is mild in nature, does not stimulate the skin, and has no side effects. If it is heated, it has better cleaning ability.

How to use rice water to prevent skin itching? Cleaning method?

When panning rice every day, leave the water for the second time, let it clear slowly, and take the clear liquid part above to wash your face.

Need to emphasize is: do not wash your face with rice water too often, it is recommended to use every other day or two. Generally adhere to the use of a month, the skin will have a more obvious improvement.

If there is no change after using for a period of time, it indicates that your skin is not suitable. It is recommended to replace other cleaning methods.

In addition, after boiling with rice washing water and some salt, wipe the skin, which also has a cleaning effect on the skin. It is beneficial to adjust the pH value of the skin surface, inhibit the growth of pathogenic microorganisms, and prevent skin itching.

Ten functions of rice washing water:

1. Washing hands with rice washing water can not only remove dirt, but also make skin moist and smooth.

2. Washing dishes with rice washing water, not only decontamination, but also does not contain chemicals, better than detergent.

3. Before using the new casserole, wash it with rice washing water several times, and then put the rice soup on the fire for half an hour. After such treatment, the casserole will not leak.

4. Chopping board used for a long time, will produce a fishy smell. It can be soaked in rice washing water for a period of time, and then scrubbed with salt to eliminate the fishy smell.

5. Iron cookers, such as kitchen knives, spatulas and iron spoons, can be prevented from rusting by immersing them in relatively thick rice washing water. If it has rusted, it can be soaked in water for several hours, so it is easy to wipe off the rust.

6. The dishes with fishy smell can be scrubbed in salted rice washing water, and then washed with clean water to remove the fishy smell.

7. The meat bought from the market is sometimes stained with lime soil, which is difficult to clean with tap water. If you wash it twice with hot rice water, the dirt can be easily removed.

8. Just painted furniture, there is a bad smell of paint, with a soft cloth dipped in rice water repeatedly wipe, can get rid of the smell of paint.

9. White clothes soaked in rice water for 10 minutes, and then washed with soap, can make the clothes white.

10. If the towel is stained with fruit juice, sweat stains, etc., it will have a peculiar smell and become hard. Soak it in rice washing water and cook for more than ten minutes, it will become white and soft.