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Tips for soaking dried kelp

How to soak dried kelp? How long does it take to soak it? Everyday, we prepare dried kelp which is easy to preserve at home. In our daily cooking, we want to eat kelp. The soaking hair of kelp is very particular

Blistering and preservation of dried kelp:

1. Cut the dried kelp into about 15 cm section, open it and put it in a basin full of cold water (tap water is OK, don't soak in hot water) for a night.

2. Take out the soaked kelp piece by piece, rub it like washing clothes, loosen the dirty things on it, and then rinse it under the running water.

3. Put the cleaned kelp on the curtain of the steamer and cover it. Steam over high heat for 30 minutes. Turn off the heat and cover it for another 10 minutes.

4. After cooling, use running water to wash off the mucus, and then you can mix or stir fry. It can be used for frying or stewing. If the cold sauce is not too soft, you can cut it into shreds and put it in the pot to boil for 5 minutes. Remember to pour a little vinegar into the pot. After taking it out, the supercooled water will be soft and crisp. The fresh shredded kelp bought in this way will taste soft and crisp.

5. Leave the portion to eat, and roll the remaining pieces together. Roll the rolled kelp on the fresh-keeping film. Put all the kelp rolled with the fresh-keeping film in the refrigerator for frozen storage. When eating, just take out a roll of defrost and you can use it directly.

Sihai cuisine tips: usually, you may soak dried kelp in water to soften it and then wash it. This treatment method is not particularly good. It is suggested that you follow this method. You can soak more kelp every time, freeze it and eat it immediately.