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How to wash and preserve crabs

How do you wash crabs? You don't want to miss the delicacy of crabs. If you eat crabs, you must pay attention to steaming them thoroughly before you eat them. The living habits of crabs lead to a lot of bacteria in the intestines, body surfaces and meat quality of raw crabs. Unripe crabs can basically lead to diseases.

When eating crabs, you should pay attention to four cleaning methods after opening the cover

1. To clear the crab stomach is to eat the triangle bone bag in the crab cover first, scoop out the middle part of the crab stomach with a small spoon, and gently suck the crab roe wrapped outside. Be careful not to suck the triangle shaped crab stomach in the middle. If there is dirty sand in it, it should be discarded.

2. After eating the crab cover, it's the crab's turn. First, use scissors to cut off the extra crab feet and mouth; use the handle of a spoon to pick out a hexagonal piece in the middle of the crab body, which is the heart part of the crab and should be discarded.

3. There are crab intestines, that is, a black line from the crab stomach to the crab navel.

4. Crab gills, that is, the two rows of soft things like eyebrows on the abdomen of a crab, should be removed.

The crabs should be cooked thoroughly, and the raw crabs should not be eaten.

Crab should eat fresh, dead crab should not eat.

The period of rigidity and autolysis of dead crabs is greatly shortened. The bacteria in the body of crabs will propagate rapidly and spread to the crab meat, causing vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea.

The shell of fresh crab is bluish black with luster, full navel and white abdomen. The shell of the dying crab is yellow, and its feet are soft, so it is difficult to turn it right.

The crabs should be steamed and eaten, not stored.

If you can't finish eating, the rest must be kept in a clean, cool and ventilated place. When you eat, you must go back to the pot to cook and steam thoroughly.

Small share: crabs generally rely on animal carcasses or humus in the water for food, we must pay attention to the cleaning, I said these attention is to think that we should not forget, the correct way to eat crabs diagram, when eating crabs, we must learn the correct way, do not eat things that should not be eaten.