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How do pork and scallion dumplings have bitter taste?

Pork and scallion dumpling stuffing inside the green onion put more bitter how to do? This is my friend just asked me a question, in fact, the reason why the green onion dumplings have bitter taste is that we put the green onion leaves into it, there is bitter juice in the green onion leaves, generally, it is best to put the scallion white when chopped, if it has caused too bitter results, you can dip vinegar with raw garlic, which will reduce the bitterness. If it is still stuffing, add a little cabbage or continue to add meat stuffing, dilute the green onion.


1. A piece of fresh pork, wash and peel for standby, and wash the scallion thoroughly.

2. Cut the pork into small pieces. Chop it slowly with a knife.

3. Pat the scallion with a knife to flatten the green onion. When cutting the stuffing in this way, the scallion will be chopped into the meat. At the same time, add the ginger to chop the stuffing, and slowly chop the green onion and ginger into the meat.

4. In order to keep the meat evenly chopped, chop one side well, turn the bottom one over with a knife and continue to chop. In this way, the meat stuffing will be finely chopped, and the meat stuffing will become sticky.

Xiaobian share: can only use scallion. The green onion leaves are bitter. It doesn't work. The scallion leaves were dried into dry scallion leaves to provide raw materials for instant noodle seasoning. If you really want to add the green onion leaves, you can use salt water to remove the juice inside the onion leaves and then add.