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How to deal with the remaining duck rack

How to deal with the rest of the duck rack when eating roast duck? Many people have encountered this kind of situation, right? Make soup? Yes, but the meat left on the duck rack is still not eaten. Besides, you can't make soup all the time. Today, we'll make this dry fried duck rack. It's very simple. It only needs two ingredients. It's only 5 minutes before and after. The remaining duck rack turns into gunner's dish in a flash. You can eat it with your fingers--

Ingredients: a pair of roast duck rack, half onion, coriander, salt and pepper


1. Tear the duck rack into pieces, cut onion into thick silk, and cut coriander into sections;

2. Start the frying pan, heat it, add a little peanut oil, a little bit of it; put it into the duck rack and stir fry constantly, medium and low heat, do not fry paste, until the duck rack appears slightly burnt yellow;

3. Put in the onion, continue to stir fry until fragrant, do not fry the onion too soft, let it maintain crisp taste, sprinkle salt and pepper, sprinkle more, duck rack itself has no salty taste, all rely on pepper and salt to improve the flavor;

4. Stir fry evenly, sprinkle coriander, turn off the heat and start the pot.