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Fried rice with pineapple and vegetables makes the remaining rice enchanting

It's a good choice to make fried rice with the rice left over from yesterday. I like to stir fry a bowl of rice with full appetite according to the leftovers at home. It is not only convenient and fast, but also rich in nutrition. Occasionally, some fruits are added to the fried rice to make the fried rice more appetizing. Today, let's have a fried rice with pineapple vegetables to make the tasteless rice enchanting.

Ingredients: purple cabbage, pineapple, green beans, corn, dried beans, eggs, rice, salt, edible oil


1. Pour oil into the pan, add pineapple and side dishes and stir fry

2. Stir fry the side dishes until they are well done and add rice

3. Beat the rice and stir fry with the side dishes, add two eggs

5. Stir fry the eggs until they are attached to the ingredients, and add a little salt to taste

6. Stir fry the egg until it is very dry, and the rice grains will be independent

The best choice of fruit to fry some, too easy to fry rotten fruit to put last.