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How do you cook eggs that don't stick to the pot

How to cook poached eggs without sticking to the pot? Many friends would like to ask me how to cook poached eggs or dumplings that do not stick to the pot? Dumplings will be scattered if the eggs are not moved.

As the saying goes, "beat the egg while ringing". It means that the best time to beat an egg into the water is when the water is boiling fast, and only bubbles appear at the edge. This is very important.

In addition, the eggs must be fresh, otherwise it is impossible not to scatter. The eggs taken out from the refrigerator should be kept at room temperature for a while;

White shell egg and yellow shell egg are different. White shell egg is tender, difficult to operate and easy to rot, while yellow shell egg is easier to cook. No matter what kind of egg, it should be as light as possible when shoveling. After the egg is shoveled with a spatula, as long as it is not sticky, do not move it again until it is cooked.

Xiaobian share: when boiling dumplings, throw some salt into the soup water and it won't disperse. The same is true for poached eggs. If you don't want to put salt in the poached eggs, put some sugar.