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What wash hands with after eating crab can go fishy smell? After eating crab, the fishy smell of han

After eating a crab, what can you wash your hands to get rid of the fishy smell? After eating the delicious crab, not only are the hands fishy, but also the taste in the mouth is unbearable. How can we remove the fishy smell in the mouth and hands?

1. Washing hands with tea or scrubbing with soaked tea can remove the odor.

2. Wash hands with vinegar and then wash with water to remove the fishy smell.

3. Use lemon juice or lemon slices to wake up.

4. You can also use toothpaste to wipe your hands and then wash them with water to remove the fishy smell.

5. After scrubbing with liquor and then washing with water, the fishy smell can be removed.

6. There are chrysanthemums planted at home. You can take off several pieces of chrysanthemum leaves and rub them in your hands, and then rinse them to get rid of the fishy smell.

Xiaobian share: when you accidentally make clothes stained with crab roe, you can put the crab's gills in the place where it is stained with crab roe and rub it gently. Then rinse it with water, and it can be washed off.