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How to preserve brine

The beauty of stewed meat lies in marinade. Generally, marinade is better and better. So the preservation of marinade is a problem. How to preserve marinade and what is the method of preserving marinade.

Brine is generally divided into four layers, the upper layer is oil slick, the second layer is foam, the third layer is brine, and the fourth layer is slag.

Attention should be paid to the following points in the storage of brine:

1, when brine must be boiled, remove excess oil from the top, then clean up the foam, filter and precipitate with gauze, and keep the brine clean.

2. Only by using clean utensils and good storage conditions (environmental sanitation, temperature regulation) can the quality of brine and its products be guaranteed.

3. The temperature of Spring Festival is gradually rising, so it is required to boil the brine in the morning and evening every day and keep it in a fixed place.

4. In summer, the climate is hot, and brine is easy to deteriorate, foaming, acid phenomenon occurs frequently, therefore, every day

The brine must be boiled twice (once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and fixed)

5. Although the temperature drops gradually in autumn. But the heat is not over. As the saying goes, seven molds, eight rotten, and nine maggots grow. Therefore, the brine should be boiled at least two to three times and kept in a fixed place

6. In winter, the temperature gradually drops. The brine should be boiled once a day and kept in a fixed place.

7. The brine must be boiled and preserved after each time the food is marinated. If the brine becomes more and more strong, it is necessary to use chicken blood (a chicken's blood plus 1 kg of water) and water to disperse, pour it into the brine and stir it into a whirlpool. After it is still, it will be boiled and filtered with gauze.

8. Often check the salty taste of brine, and a little positive sentiment, to avoid too salty too light, or too heavy aroma too weak. Brine should be stored in the environment of shading, ventilation, flat ground, dry and not easy to collide, so as to better preserve.

9. Refrigerator storage method. The use of refrigerators in restaurants and families has brought convenience to the storage of brine. The specific method is to boil the brine, filter the impurities with gauze, and then boil it, cool it still, seal it with plastic film, and then put it into the refrigerator for storage.

10. The brine in the restaurant must be in charge of by a specially assigned person, and corresponding rules and regulations shall be formulated. The amount of soup and bittern raw materials added every day must be registered to keep the flavor and aroma of the brine persistent. Even the brine in the family should be checked regularly to avoid deterioration.

Warm reminder: the preservation of marinade in summer is particularly important, and it must be fixed after boiling.