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How to clean clams? How to put peanut oil into the sand

If the shellfish is washed with water, the shell will only be closed and will not open. It is especially like clams. There is a lot of sand in it, which is not easy to clean. How to clean clams? Put peanut oil into the sand.

We usually put sea water or salt water into the basin containing clams, but this time is relatively long, and not necessarily clean. Try adding a few drops of peanut oil into a clam bowl and stir it with chopsticks. You can quickly spit sand clean, because the water and air are isolated.

In order to prevent the shellfish from sucking the sand back again, the shellfish can be placed in the water filtering basket when soaking, and then the water filtering basket is placed on the water basin to keep the distance of the filter basket 4 or 5 cm. In this way, the sand that shellfish spit out will sink to the bottom of the basin and will not be sucked back by shellfish.

The next time you buy clams, you can try this method. Xiaobian has tried many times. When you buy seafood, you must learn to clean it.