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How to cook poached eggs

Every morning for the baby to cook a poached egg to eat, the baby is very happy, just do not know what is the matter, how to cook the poached egg will not be broken? How to cook delicious and aesthetic?

Four seas cuisine teaches you how to cook poached eggs without breaking them. When the water is hot and not yet boiled, slide the eggs along the edge of the pan to accelerate the solidification of the pan; when the water is boiled and put again, it will disperse directly, or it is easy to disperse when it is poured directly into the middle of the pan.

There are two ways to cook poached eggs without breaking them

One is to wait for the water to boil, turn off the fire to a minimum, let the water calm and not roll, and then beat the eggs in.

Another way is to boil the water, beat the eggs into a small bowl of cold water, and then pour them into the pot. In a small pot of deep water, try to keep the eggs away from the bottom of the pot. Otherwise, a flat shovel should be used to separate the newly laid eggs from the bottom of the pot, so that the yolk protein can be wrapped more tightly. In addition, when the eggs are put into the pot, the tumbling level should be calm down, so as to avoid the eggs that have just been put into the pot.

The best cooking pot is an iron pan. After boiling water, gently knock the eggs into the pot. When the egg yolk is wrapped in egg yolk, turn the pan gently.

Although boiling poached eggs is an easy job, it's hard to cook well. I hope the tips I taught you today can help you.