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How to peel kiwi fruit? Exfoliate easily

People like to eat kiwi fruit, mainly because it is delicious and has a lot of vitamins, especially the beauties who want to whiten their skin. They often eat it in summer. When they eat it, there are some small troubles. Because the skin of kiwi fruit is not easy to remove and it is very hard to eat. How to peel the kiwi fruit? How to peel it easily?

Cut off the two ends of kiwi fruit, find a stainless steel spoon suitable for kiwi fruit size, insert the spoon close to the kiwi fruit skin, turn the spoon in a circle, and completely remove the skin of kiwi fruit.

If you don't use it to squeeze juice, you don't need to peel it, cut it in half from the middle with a knife and dig it with a small spoon. It's very convenient. I think kiwi fruit will be easier to peel after softening. There is a way to make kiwi fruit soft quickly. Put the kiwi fruit, apple and pear together in a plastic bag, and then seal the plastic bag tightly. After two days of storage, the kiwi fruit will become soft and ripe. This is because apples and pears contain ethylene gas, which has a strong ripening function. Scrape on the skin with a small spoon, it is easy to peel the whole kiwi fruit.

If you like to eat the raw, you can wash it and peel it with a knife; if you like to eat cooked food, it's easier to stick it horizontally into the skin with a toothpick and scrape it around the skin!

How do you eat kiwi fruit? Do you learn? Looking at something that looks very bad, you can solve it by moving your mind a little. This method is awesome.