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What medicinal place does sesame oil have? Kitchen tips

Every family has more or less the existence of some sesame oil, so in addition to flavor, what are the other uses of sesame oil? Today, Xiaobian takes you into the kitchen, a small trick of sesame oil medicinal.

At present, it's hot summer, when cooking with sesame oil mixed with one or two small dishes, not only can increase the taste of the dish, promote appetite, but also can play a good role in moistening the intestines. If 'constipation' is very serious and ineffective after long treatment. Then drink a sip of sesame oil in the morning and evening each day, and soon the pain will be far away from you. In addition, sesame oil can also improve oral ulcer, periodontitis, gingival bleeding and throat inflammation. In addition, drinking a mouthful of sesame oil after drinking can also relieve alcohol, and the effect is very fast. .

The objects in our life are not only a little bit of function that we think, we must maximize the exploration, the most correct use.