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How to preserve fresh loquat? The most simple and effective preservation method of loquat

May is the season of loquat. This kind of fruit has experienced blooming in winter, bearing fruit in spring, and ripening in early summer. It is the only fruit with four seasons' spirit. Loquat is not only delicious, but also very good. Loquat is full of treasure. How can such a good thing only appear in early summer? How to preserve fresh loquat? What is the simplest and effective way to preserve loquat?

Loquat preservation protective clothing: can not put in the refrigerator, this fruit does not like the refrigerator. If loquat is put in the refrigerator, it will turn black because of too much water vapor. It can be stored in a dry and ventilated place.

What can love loquat do

1. Loquat contains amygdalin, which can moisten the lung, relieve cough, dispel phlegm, and treat all kinds of cough.

2. Loquat leaves can clear lung and stomach, reduce Qi and dissipate phlegm.

3. Loquat flower can cure cold and cold.