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Stewed beef what easy to put rotten? How to stew beef delicious

Although stewed beef is delicious, I believe you also find a problem, that is, beef is not easy to stew, chewy beef will affect the taste, naturally it will not feel delicious. Stewed beef to put what easy to rot? How to stew beef delicious? Sihai food Xiaobian to give you a detailed introduction.

1. First of all, stewed beef to choose such a muscle, meat, oil parts, too thin wood. Wash the beef, cut it into large pieces and soak it in water. This is a crucial step.

2. The soaking time is at least 30 minutes. I usually soak for more than an hour. It's better to change the water for two or three times and pour out the soaked blood in time. Although some of the blood in the meat will float out during stewing, most of it will solidify in the meat due to the increase of temperature, which will not only affect the taste of beef, but also affect its taste.

3. Stewed beef basic dry seasoning: onion, ginger, garlic, cinnamon, star anise, cumin, hawthorn, pepper, tangerine peel; liquid seasoning: yellow rice wine (or cooking wine, if you use some beer taste will be more unique) other seasonings can be added according to their own needs: for example, adding some Chinese medicine can play a role in nourishing and nourishing.

4. Put water in casserole, add beef and seasoning bag, and bring to a boil. I stewed beef in cold water. Hot water pot beef surface quickly tighten, not conducive to boiling bleeding stains dirty. Very important: Stewed Beef must not be blanched. It's easy to cook beef if you blanch it first and then stew it in the pot.

5. After the fire boils, skim off the foam. Don't leave the kitchen at this time. Once the water boils, you should immediately skim the foam. If you wait for the water to boil for a long time, the foam will solidify and float. It will not be easy to skim it. It will not only affect the taste and clarity of the soup, but also affect the taste of beef.

6. After the froth is almost done, add the kelp and bring it to a boil again, then turn to low heat and simmer slowly. Depending on the size of the meat, stew for at least two hours. Intuitive judgment can use chopsticks to fork beef, very easy to fork through the good.

Although the pressure cooker can stew beef now, the stew is not fragrant. Although the above-mentioned method is very laborious, it is absolutely delicious. What is easy to stew beef? How to stew beef delicious? Do you understand?