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How to identify fake duck blood

With the exposure of Daoxiang village store selling pig blood mixed with fake duck blood, people have gradually become vigilant about duck blood, which can not help but sigh. Now what to eat can be assured. It seems that we have to practice the ability to identify fake duck blood. How to identify fake duck blood?

Four steps teach you to identify fake duck blood.

1. Look at the pores. The real duck blood tofu has no pores when it is not cooked, and its surface is smooth. Cut with a knife, there will be different sizes of pores. However, the fake duck blood tofu has honeycomb like pores when it is not cooked. After being cut by knife, there will be pores of uniform size on the cut surface.

2. Look at the color. The real duck blood tofu is dark red, while the fake one is nearly brown.

3. Look at the taste. Real duck blood is thin, smooth and tender. It tastes like tofu in its mouth. Fake duck blood is often added some starch and other chemicals in the process of processing. It is generally tough and can be stretched. It tastes tough and tastes like jelly.

4. Take a clip. The simplest way is to use chopsticks to clip. The fake duck blood is constantly clipped, and the real duck blood is easily broken.

After going to the market, you should take a closer look. Don't buy fake duck blood. In fact, it is easy to identify. As long as the four moves mentioned above, you can easily identify fake duck blood.