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Kitchen and home life tips, make your life fun

People who know the life tips are the ones who will really taste life. The kitchen and home life tips will make your life fun. Those who love life, please follow the four seas net editor.

When eating hot pot, put a proper amount of beer in the soup to reduce the fire. Eating hot pot with beer can help cool the heat and prevent food from scalding the mouth. When steaming the fish, boil the water first, then steam it, and when suddenly encountering the steam with high temperature, the external tissue condenses, and the internal fresh juice is not easy to flow out. The trick of cooking fish is not to be broken: fry the fish in a pot before cooking. If you want to fry the fish, you should wrap a layer of water starch in it and then fry it. When frying, the oil temperature should be high rather than low.

A good way to keep tofu fresh is to boil some water first and put a little salt in the water. After the salt water is cooled, put tofu in it. Tofu can be kept for two or three days. Ham can be stored in the refrigerator at low temperature. Its water will freeze, fat will be separated, leg meat will be lumped or loose, meat will taste bad, and it is easy to corrupt.

Soak a blunt kitchen knife in salt water for 20 minutes, then grind it again, while grinding and pouring salt water, which can prolong the service life of the kitchen knife.