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Lemon peel is of great use

Lemon can not only whitening, freckle, female friends often eat lemon can also beauty, after eating lemon skin can not be thrown around, lemon skin is also very useful. Don't neglect the little lemon peel.

When cooking in the kitchen, it's easy to get fishy, meaty or oily. You can't smell it with soap or washing powder, but you can rub your hands with lemon peel. If you can bubble in lemonade, the effect will be better. Moreover, the lemon oil contained in the lemon peel can make the skin delicate and smooth.

In hard work, the meaning of refrigerator always makes you headache. No matter how hard you try, in time, the moment when you open the refrigerator door will always upset you. So every time you use lemon for cooking or beauty, don't throw away the rest of the lemon peel, cut it up and wrap it with gauze in the corner of the refrigerator, it will make you feel happy for the pleasant fragrance when you open the refrigerator door. Of course, remember to change it often.

If there is a peculiar smell in the room, bake a small piece of lemon peel with low temperature in the pot, which can not only remove the peculiar smell in the room, but also make the indoor fragrance fragrant. It's the most natural fragrance when it's hung in the closet or room.