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How to eat vegetables raw

In the Western diet, the situation of raw vegetables is quite common. From the perspective of nutrition, raw vegetables are the best. How to eat different vegetables raw? Let's have a look!

Vitamin C and some physiological active substances in fresh vegetables are very delicate and easy to be damaged in cooking. Raw vegetables can absorb all kinds of nutrients to the maximum extent. Most vegetables contain immune substance interferon inducer, which can stimulate human cells to produce interferon, and has the effect of inhibiting cell canceration and anti-virus infection, and this function can only be realized on the premise of raw food.

First of all, fresh vegetables should be selected for eating raw vegetables (vegetables that have been stored in the refrigerator for a day or two are not suitable for eating raw). Green and pollution-free products should be selected as far as possible. Before eating, salt water should be soaked for 10 minutes to remove some harmful substances.

Different vegetables should be eaten raw. Celery, cabbage, cucumber and other vegetables can be made into fresh vegetable juice for drinking directly; cabbage, beet, broccoli and so on are very suitable for eating after being ground for a period of time, because these vegetables can ferment to produce a kind of active enzyme which is very good for the body during the placing process; Cold mixing of fresh vegetables, plus vinegar, garlic and ginger, can not only seasoning, but also sterilization, but also less salt, too much salt will lead to vegetables not fresh, nutrient loss. The preferred way for young people to eat raw food is vegetable salad: before eating the main food, if you start with salad, you can reduce the amount of calories in each meal by about 10%.

When preparing a vegetable salad, it's better not to cut the vegetables too thin. Each vegetable leaf is the best size to eat at one mouthful, so as not to eat too much oil (oil food) fat because it absorbs too much salad dressing; it's better to tear the leafy vegetables by hand to keep them fresh; add a little fresh lemon juice or white wine to the salad dressing, so that the vegetables will not change color.

70% of the edible vegetables can be eaten raw, such as cucumber, tomato, persimmon pepper, lettuce, cabbage, eggplant, cauliflower, pepper, onion, celery, etc., but some vegetables are not suitable for eating raw, potatoes, taro, yam and other starch rich vegetables must be cooked, or the starch grains will not break, and the human body cannot digest (digest food); Bean sprouts and other legume foods, because of the anti nutritional substances, are only conducive to the absorption of nutrition after heating.

Eating vegetables raw has certain benefits, but different vegetables have different eating methods, so we should consider it in the process of eating. How to eat all kinds of vegetables raw is the most healthy!