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How to prolong the preservation time of bean sprouts

Bean sprout preservation tips teach you how to prolong the preservation time of bean sprouts! Bean sprouts are very common food materials. How to keep bean sprouts can lock nutrition and preserve for a long time? Let's see the tips for bean sprouts preservation of cuisine experts!

Bean sprouts are not only nutritious and cheap, but also water-rich and perishable. First, blanch the bean sprouts with water, take them out with a hedge, and rinse them with cold water. After cooling, dry the water, cut it into small sections, wrap it with plastic film and put it into refrigerator for freezing. In this way, the storage time is long, crisp and tender, and the loss of nutrition is less. When you need to eat, take it out of the refrigerator and heat it directly.

In addition, different bean sprouts have different preservation time. The preservation time of soybean sprouts is slightly longer than that of mung bean sprouts, but it can not exceed two or three days.