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Tips for cooking noodles

Tips for cooking noodles. What's the trick of cooking noodles? Don't wait for the water to be fully opened. It's easy to be soft and doesn't mix soup.

When you don't have time to cook, cook a bowl of delicious noodles with eggs and vegetables. It's convenient and healthy. However, many people often encounter a problem when cooking noodles: the surface of noodles is sticky, but the heart of noodles is still white and hard, not fully cooked. How to make noodles cooked without soup?

The trick is to choose the right time to put noodles in the pot. When cooking noodles, you can't wait for the water in the pot to boil before putting noodles. Because vermicelli itself is very dry, if you encounter high temperature at once, the starch on the surface is easy to gelatinize and become sticky. At the same time, water and heat are not easy to penetrate, so the face center is still raw. Plus boiling water will make noodles roll up and down and rub with each other, so that the cooked noodles are sticky outside, hard inside and soup paste.

The right way is to put noodles on the wall when there are small bubbles rising from the bottom of the pot, stir them for a few times, add some cold water when the water in the pot is boiling, and then the water will boil again. In this way, the noodles are quick to cook, soft and clear.