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Kitchen tips to turn scales into gold and silver jelly

Chinese cooking materials have a striking feature: make the best of everything. Even materials that are often considered 'waste' are often used to make household delicacies. Such as tofu dregs, celery roots, pumpkin and wax gourd skin and many other 'waste', in the operation of folk stove in the hands of the feeder have become available treasure.

Kitchen tips to turn scales into gold and silver jelly

Main ingredients: fish scales, clear water

Accessories: chicken feet, chicken bone, pork skin, onion (knot), ginger (beat), salt, soy sauce

Production process:

1. Rinse the scales with clear water, choose the scales that are large, complete and shiny, and blanch them in the boiling water. Then boil the skin

When cooked, cut into 5 cm thin slices. Wash chicken feet and bones, then blanch in water.

2. After the pot is on fire, boil the water, add onion, ginger, chicken claw, chicken bone and meat skin and simmer with low heat, keep it slightly open. About 10

Minutes later, take out the onion and ginger and continue to boil until the skin can't be picked up by hand. Then take out the chicken feet, chicken bones and skin and use the medium

Add salt to the fire, soy sauce to make the frozen juice boil, add fish scales to make the pot.

3. Pour the frozen juice into the container and let it cool naturally.

4. When eating, cut it into strips, blocks and other shapes. If it is served with Laba vinegar, it will taste better.

Flavor characteristics:

The taste is salty and smooth. There is silvery white in the brown frost, which feels elegant and clean.