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Want to know if he / she is in love with you

Maybe you are struggling in the whirlpool of feelings, and don't know when to move forward; maybe you two love each other, but don't know what the future will bring to you. Hurry into the test, and see if there is love between you. There are ten questions. (answer on page 2)

1. What do you call him (her) when you meet?

Call his name directly -- 1 point

Name only - 2 points

Affectionate nickname -- 3 points

2. In the past, when you called each other, which side made the most calls first?

You call more first -- 1 point

Roughly the same -- 2 points

He (she) called more -- 3 points

3. Do you have photos taken together?

No -- 1 point

I do, but he or she may not have -- 2 points

Both have -- 3 points

4. When they walk, do they accidentally hold hands or touch shoulders?

No -- 1 point

I have this idea, but the other side is not willing to -- 2 points

Yes - 3 points

5. You had an appointment, but he (she) failed for no reason. Is there such a situation?

He (she) doesn't care if he (she) breaks the contract -- 1 point

Sometimes, but he (she) has something to do with him (her) and has to -- 2 points

No -- 3 points

6. When you go out together, do you pay attention to the coordination of clothing?

Don't pay attention -- 1 point

Sometimes pay attention -- 2 points

Intentional pursuit of harmony -- 3 points

7. Have you ever introduced your parents or siblings to him or her and have dinner together?

No -- 1 point

Time not allowed -- 2 points

Introduced -- 3 points

8. Do you date until the dead of the night?

No -- 1 point

Not recently, often before - 2 points

Yes - 3 points

9. When you go to the restaurant, who will pay the bill?

Pay half each -- 1 point

Myself - 2 points

It's all him (her) - 3 points

10. Where do you usually meet?

Busy area - 1 point

Romantic coffee shop - 2 points

Beautiful park -- 3 points

(answer on page 2)

Test results:

Less than 15 points

He (she) may already have another love. It's not you in his mind. So he (she) has been avoiding you, unwilling to be alone with you, you may often contact, but always talk without speculation, without intimacy. In this case, you don't have to worry about him or her any more. It's your wisest choice to give up him or her as soon as possible.

15-25 points

White point, you are in unrequited love, is one-sided love, no matter how much enthusiasm you expressed to him (her), he (she) just has a good feeling for you, just like the general heterosexual friend relationship, has not developed to the degree of becoming your lover, what will happen in your relationship development is unpredictable, it depends on whether you can make efforts to become the goal of attracting him (her)

More than 25 points

He (she) often misses you, far more than the love you expressed to him (her); he (she) does not want to leave you, more hope you will sweet talk to him (her). It's a pity that you can't talk about it when you meet. You can't express your love to each other openly. You should be brave!