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Did you help your husband transport

[Abstract] it is said that behind every successful man, there is a woman supporting him. That woman hides behind the man and has been working silently & hellip& hellip; Can you become such a woman after marriage, or are you a super loser who won't stop until you lose all your husband's property? If you want to know how many you have, let's test & hellip[ [detailed]

1. Are you looking forward to a luxurious wedding with him now? If you get married, which of the following wedding photos is your favorite?

A. Korean aesthetic style wedding photos

B. Vintage classic style wedding photos

2. Do you want to marry him one day. What would you marry each other for?

A. Love each other

B. Use each other to achieve the goal of having no worries about food and clothing

3. If 2012 is as predicted, what attitude do you plan to look at the destruction of the world?

A. On my sofa, I watched CCTV live broadcast of the doomsday situation with my family, waiting for the flood to come

B. In the lover's arms, the last look is his eyes

4. What would you think if your friend and your opponent were very close?

A. She got close to that man to help herself

B. She must have betrayed herself

5. What do you think Ruoxi, the heroine of Qingchuan's novel startling step by step, should bring to ancient times?

A. Washing machine, a good tool to free your hands

B. Air conditioner for hot days

6. How do you solve your breakfast every day? Probably bought it outside? If I gave you five yuan, what kind of breakfast would you buy?

A. Grab cake

B. Egg cake + soybean milk

7. The crazy work has come to an end for the time being. Finally, I look forward to a rare rest day. What will you do on this day?

A. Clean the house

B. Club singing or meeting friends

8. Do you think we should take the classic works of Chinese traditional culture as children's basic education books?

A. Against

B. Support

9. Do you agree that the fundamental criterion for judging the value of works of art is whether they are loved by the people?

A. Against

B. Support

10. Although smoking and drinking is a bad habit, but when a person is lovelorn, smoking and wine can really play a part. If you are lovelorn and give you ten yuan, which one of cigarettes or wine will you buy?

A. Buy wine

B. Buy cigarettes

11. A wife hopes that her husband can be mature and grow up as soon as possible. She doesn't always hide in the arms of her parents and hopes to live separately. But the husband would rather divorce than live separately. What do you think the wife should do?

A. Return the lottery ticket to the colleague

B. Secretly accept the award, and the world evaporates

12. It's a stormy night. The weather station broadcast it yesterday. Will a man pick you up when you get off work today?

A. A man answered

B. A man answers

13. God tells you that from today on, you can only have one emotion. What will you choose?

A. Love

B. Family affection

14. Do you think it's better to have similar or complementary personalities?

A. Good similarity, more common language between each other

B. Good complementarity, can learn from each other and make common progress

15. Do you want your ex boyfriend to be better than you or worse than you?

A. I hope he's better off than I am and I'll be friends again

B. I hope he is worse than me

16. One day you made a big mistake to him. It's hard for him to forgive you. After your hard pleading, he agreed to forgive you, but you must promise him one thing. You must refrain from doing something for a week. What can you resist doing for a week?

A. Don't play computer

B. Don't go shopping

17. Do you bathe him before going to bed every day? How long can you tolerate your own? How often can you take a bath?

A. Once a day. Kick him out of bed if you don't take a bath

B. Just once a week. I'm very tolerant

18. How many things do you know are bad, but you can't help doing?

A. Do you know if drinking hurts your body or not

B. Knowing that surfing the Internet for too long hurts your body, you still lie down day and night

19. Do you think that one day you will break up with him now, did you abandon him, or did he dump you? Imagine what you want to do most after being lovelorn?

A. I want shopping! Hard shopping!!

B. Drink ~ live and dream~

20. What would you do if a strange man offered to invite you to dinner? Will you refuse?

A. No

B. Yes


You are a super loser. After marriage, you will spend more than half of your husband's money. You don't seem to have the natural ability to save money to run a family. Before marriage, when I was single, I was a moonlight clan and a card slave every month; After getting married, you are the same as someone else's daughter-in-law, even worse. Oh, one person spends two people's money. Therefore, after you have been a super loser for a period of time, the power of your family's income and expenditure will return to your husband. At that time, if you want to be a loser, you can only act according to your husband's color, or make money and hide a small Treasury.


After marriage, you will become a very virtuous person and take good care of your family. No matter who comes into your house, you will praise you as a good housewife. Not only that, you also have a strong helping character. For the family's savings, you will make a reasonable arrangement. How much money is used for bank savings, how much is used to buy stock funds, how much is used for interpersonal communication, etc. & hellip& hellip; In short, under your careful care, your small family will move forward towards the broad road.


In fact, you don't have any practical help for your husband. It's nothing more than washing clothes, cooking and taking care of children. There's nothing special that normal housewives will do. But you just have super luck to help your husband, which may be brought by your life. No matter who marries you, you will bring good luck to each other, and your family will have good development. So no matter who you will marry in the future, you will have a good life for the rest of your life.


Your life is hard. If you encounter the other party's life similar to your own, your strong fortune will help the other party and make progress and development in your career; If your future husband's life is just the opposite of yours or his life is relatively weak, your luck is very likely to hinder your husband's career development in the future. Therefore, before you decide to marry him, it's better to calculate the fate of the two people first. It's certainly good if they are born together. If the fate of the two sides is mutual, it's best to find a way to solve it. Fortune tellers will have a way to solve it.