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Are you a gossip in the workplace

No matter how stable a person is in his office, I'm afraid he can't escape to have something to do with "gossip" - either gossip or be gossip. Since Weibo has become the preferred way for most people to communicate with other friends, gossip has become a constant task. In the office, those familiar faces appear every day, and they have to eat, live and work with each other every day. It's just that they always communicate with each other. After a long time, who doesn't have the impulse to "August 18" each other? It's just that gossip is the same as other things. If you do less, others will think you are not gregarious. If you do more, others won't see you. And which constellations might be overlooked because of the excessive gossip?

First place: Gemini

Gemini is a news station. Where there are Gemini, there are fancy news that people like to see, because they like to participate in the dissemination of all kinds of information, and through this way, they can get more, newer and more powerful new information at any time. Who let mercury, who is in charge of communication and expression skills, be the guardian of this constellation? But don't doubt Gemini's motivation when spreading gossip. Their purpose is not malicious at all. Frankly speaking, they just like to tell people things they don't know and then accept their praise. Those 'how do you know' and 'this is out of your mind' or 'unbelievable' comments, in the eyes of Gemini, are the most motivating audience responses!

Tips: Although gossip can promote communication among colleagues, and sharing secrets can also improve the intimacy between colleagues, but nothing is too much. If you leave the impression that "Ta loves to write down other people's affairs and disclose them" when you gossip, it may cause some colleagues to lose their trust in you.

Second place: Aries

Aries people especially like to join in the fun. If anything happens, they will rush to No.1 first. To exaggerate, they will even move a stool, take out a bag of melon seeds, and enjoy watching the opera. People in this sign have a strong sense of the surrounding environment. If they encounter funny things, they will laugh so much that they can show you their back teeth. But if they encounter things that make people angry, they may also instantly become great Xiake who is fighting against injustice and helping others. No matter what happens around them (even if it may have nothing to do with them), they will be integrated into the scene in the first time, and after the end of the 'good play', Aries will share what he has seen and heard in the whole process as gossip with other colleagues.

Tip: the lively and frank atmosphere of Aries makes it difficult for colleagues around to associate them with the four words "intrigue". So even if the Aries spread the gossip in full swing, no one will maliciously speculate on their motives. But don't forget that just because you don't calculate doesn't mean that others don't. Maybe someone will aim at the careless character of Aries, and then steal cold arrows. So remind Aries friends: people in the workplace, the heart of prevention is indispensable! Office gossip can not be nonsense!

Third place: Sagittarius

Sagittarius people prefer gossip to active gossip. Sagittarians who like to join in the fun understand the difference between work life and daily life, so although 'gossip' is a kind of entertainment that can make them interested in, they usually carefully restrain themselves in the office and avoid joining the camp of gossip communicators. However, there are exceptions - when gossip may be related to themselves (such as the year-end bonus of their department may be raised, or the boss intends to promote a person in their own working group), the shooter will not be calm! They will immediately change from a tight lipped bottle to a four broadcast trumpet!

Tip: Sagittarius you may be able to rely on a good relationship and good character, in the early days of employment to get everyone's love, but if you want to make achievements in the workplace, you must learn to restrain. No matter what happens, it's best to shut up first, turn the information you collected back and forth in your mind, and then decide on the next step. However, in any case, it's not advisable to collect workplace information through gossip. Don't wait for a loss in this respect to regret it!

Fourth place: Scorpio

Scorpio is very disdainful if it's just for fun or just for fun. But this constellation is also very smart. They know how to capture the information they need and quickly distinguish the truth from the false in the gossip of "fake true or false" all over the sky. Therefore, the relationship between Scorpio and the eight trigrams can be summed up as "if you don't sing, you will have already done it.". If Scorpio is really paying attention to the trend of something in the office environment, they will not only pay close attention to any gossip floating in their ears, but sometimes even join the team of communication, which is of great interest to everyone together with other colleagues. Of course, Scorpio will be very careful when gossiping, not to let itself offend others unintentionally when spreading gossips, and not to let others think that they are the main communicators!

Tip: a smart Scorpio will always do what he wants to do well. Even if it's gossiping, it will be able to swim between the vague boundaries of 'rumor' and 'rumor'. It's just that you shock the efficiency of the four offices at a single move. Will it bring you awe or resentment from other colleagues in the office? The former will lead to a deterioration of your interpersonal relationship, and the latter may bring more self-evident results & hellip & hellip; is as smart as a Scorpio, and it may be necessary to be 'confused' once in a while!

Fifth place: Libra

Libras believe in harmony, so for those who are too sharp or targeted gossip, they will hide faster than anyone else. However, this constellation is born with certain communicative skills, and gossip, as a way to close the distance between colleagues (whether it's to talk gossip together, or gossip from one population to another's funny stories), is often highly recognized by them. Therefore, it is not hard to find that in the office, the gossip of Libra is usually not the most fresh and exciting, but it is always the most interesting, even if the parties hear it, it will not cause dissatisfaction of the other party.

Tip: Libra is very good at interpersonal relationship, but in the office, interpersonal relationship does not mean that the future is guaranteed. Because too frequent involvement in gossip will inevitably make you leave the impression that this person is not doing his job. Isn't that bad? What's more, the general leaders don't like talkative subordinates, but rather choose stable and mature subordinates to entrust them with important tasks. So don't overdo it in Libra's social life. It's nothing to chat with the leaders at ordinary times, but if you lose the proper measure of gossip, you will not be compensated for your gain!