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Aries girl's love

1. The Aries woman is very playful on the surface. Even if she is in your arms, she may look at other men... That's because they are naturally active. In fact, they can only hold you in their hearts. For them, all kinds of temptations from the outside are just the scenery outside the window. For her, you are always the 'home' that can make her totally depend on. She will always take your all kinds of love to enjoy the beautiful scenery, but when the 'little red apricot' in front of the house really waves to her vaguely, she will Decisively shut it out.

2. Aries women have the worst temper and the most stubborn, which leads to their frequent duplicity. They love you but want to slander you. They love you but don't mention it.

3. If an Aries woman says' I love you 'to you, it must be true. If she says' I love you', she will love you to the point of unforgettable and unforgettable.

4. On the surface, Aries girls are very lively and generous. They dare to express their love to the people they like. In fact, it's very difficult to hear them say 'I love you'. If you have bad luck, you may not hear a word from intercourse to breaking up. So when she says these three words to you, please give her enough reaction, otherwise she will regret it instantly and later I won't tell you any more. If you say the three words I love you, it's normal for them to be expressionless, because they will only steal music when you are out of sight. They will be very happy and sweet

5. Because of stubborn, so the surface of the strong Aries in fact, the heart is extremely fragile, they tend to be sad when they secretly cry in the quilt... So when your that she one day in front of you did not have time to turn around to avoid your sight, left precious tears, said that she has been extremely sad, close to the edge of collapse, at this time if you love her, please give her A deep hug.

6. Aries women are born to be actors. When they do something wrong to you, they will act as if nothing happened. They will help you to scold the so-called "prank maker" together with you. If you feel vaguely that this is what she did, don't scold too hard. You should know that she can scold 'that person' this time, and she will do it next time Back to the dissatisfaction again ruthlessly revenge on you.