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The love code of Aries

If you fall in love with a Aries boy, please don't take the initiative to show your affection to him before you are sure that he has fallen in love with you. Because the most interesting thing for him is' Challenge 'and' conquest '. If you take the initiative, doesn't he feel too boring?

It's not hard for a man of Aries to understand. Observe what kind of dress he likes, and give what he likes, so that he can't help but stay on you. Let him feel that you have some good feelings for him, but don't let him be too confident that all your clothes are for him, you should have a little bit of pride! Of course, don't be too cold, Aries won't like the affectation of girls, to play their own advantages.

In fact, the Aries man is childish in heart. He wants his woman to integrate all the advantages into one body, just like comparing whose toys have many functions. Most Aries men will be proud of their girlfriend or wife's achievements!

If you are the first in front of others, only in front of them, you are the perfect woman in his heart!

You may think he is selfish and doesn't think about you, but he didn't think of it at all, because he was not a thoughtful person by nature.

Don't have a cold war with a Aries man, either driving him crazy or driving him away. The problem can't be solved, and it's not good for you.

Don't be afraid to spoil your Aries man. The more tolerance you have for him, the more inseparable he is from you. His personality is really selfish, but if he includes you in his selfish range, then you are really blessed!