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What porridge can men drink to fill Yang Qi?

What kind of porridge can men drink in the health preservation season? It is very helpful to improve the immunity of the human body. Eating more health preserving porridge can also enhance the body's resistance. So, what's the advantage of eating health porridge for men? Of course, it's nourishing yang qi. What kind of healthy porridge is suitable for men? You can see it.

Carrot congee: fresh carrot 50 grams, japonica rice 200 grams. Cut carrot into small pieces and cook with japonica rice. First boil with fire, and then slowly boil. It has the function of invigorating the stomach, tonifying spleen and helping digestion.

Chicken preserved egg porridge: Chicken 200g, preserved eggs 2, japonica rice 200-300g, ginger, onion, salt and other seasonings appropriate. First cut the chicken into small pieces, add water to boil into thick juice, and cook with thick juice and japonica rice. When the porridge will be cooked, add the preserved eggs and cooked chicken, and add some seasoning. It has the function of tonifying blood, nourishing five viscera, appetizing and promoting body fluid. It is suitable for people with deficiency of Qi and blood.

Longan millet porridge: longan meat 15g, corn 100-200g. Wash longan meat and cook with corn. First boil it with fire, and then boil it into porridge. Longan meat is sweet and warm. It can nourish the heart and spleen, nourish blood and calm nerves.

Men eat these health porridge to nourish Yang Qi. It can also keep fit and nourish the stomach. It will definitely be the most suitable food for men in summer. I hope it can help you.