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Two effects of fire clearing and beauty treatment of creative dishes in summer

We should recognize the fact that it is impossible to create a 100% original design of dishes. After all, cuisine design is in a traditional and knowledge resource sharing interconnection polymer. And the design itself, a large part of our daily life is dealing with commonly used ingredients, seasoning, modeling, if we deviate from the original intention of the dishes too far, it is to take people in the wrong direction.

All the dishes are designed to have a unique work. The easiest way to get this dish is to open your heart and accept the influence of other designs and visual arts. My personal philosophy accepts the influence of any visual art theme, borrows its elements, and can transform these into a new form of expression.

In other words, as long as it can be transformed into something new, borrowing and being affected are acceptable. Nowadays, Chinese dishes also draw creative elements from Western dishes, use and transform those beautiful images, let us see innovative works.

One of the ways to expand the scope of expression is to integrate the influence of others into one's own works. The design of dishes tries to show various patterns, and other elements integrate their own design ideas. To enrich and enhance their own creation.

What are the conditions for a good work? Through our design, we try our best to show the best ingredients, and also try our best to make the dishes beautiful or colorful. At the same time, good dishes can bring you rich taste and delicious enjoyment. The works are full of new, strange, special and era characteristics. The works are of national and personal characteristics and advocate natural simplicity, taste and health. This is' good work '.

After busy work, it's a good way to relax by going to the vegetable market occasionally, bargaining and playing the role of housewife.

However, when they come to the market, they don't know how to choose from a wide range of ingredients. They are always familiar with them. It's also said that some friends, when they read the report that a certain food is good, try to eat the same food every day, and never look at other things again. Of course, some friends may hear that the food will be 'too cold, too hot & hellip; & hellip;', so they think that this kind of food is not good, and they will never touch it.

As a matter of fact, any kind of food material has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, diversified intake, non partiality and not only selling are the right eating attitudes.

If you don't know what to eat, the easiest way is to follow the solar term and eat the vegetables in season, because the vegetables in season are not only good in quality and low in price, but also have the least pesticide residues and the most powerful adjustment to physical fitness. For example, cucumbers, luffa and balsam pear, which are abundant in summer, are cold in nature and can cool down the heat; Artemisia, mushrooms, Chinese cabbage and osmanthus, which are abundant in winter, are warm in nature and can warm the stomach and improve cold hands and feet.

If the external environment is a 'big universe', then people are a 'small universe'. Only when the small universe runs along the big universe, will the weather be smooth. If we insist on going against the trend, everything is not smooth. It's like a hot summer with the strongest air conditioner, sweating and eating spicy hot pot. It's strange that the body doesn't raise the alarm!

Knowing the right choice and matching ingredients is absolutely the way of modern people's health preservation. I hope to share these ideas with you. Not only do you eat the root of the vegetable, you can also absorb the essence of the sun and moon, and enjoy the treasures that nature gives.