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Walking alone is a cup of mellow wine

A person, along the campus path, walk slowly and think quietly. In fact, I enjoy walking alone. You know, I've never been alone. The road under my feet is accompanying me.


Suddenly I remembered a few words I had written: I was always walking alone. Loneliness was the same melody. Whispers told the pain and music of youth, but the audience only had themselves. Who could know and understand those bitterness?

I can't remember what kind of mood I had at that time, but it must be bitter. Now think again, still walking alone, but don't want to sing lonely songs. Maybe I should say that walking alone is a cup of mellow wine. The aroma of wine is diffuse and drowns my heart. I, at least now, am deeply in love with the sweet smell of wine.

In life, it seems that we are always groping forward with a group of people towards the distance where we can't see the direction clearly. But in fact, you are the only one walking on the road of your life. Some words are only recited in the heart; There are some feelings that only you can understand. In this world, no one can completely understand you, and you can't completely see through who. This is not only the misfortune of life, but also a kind of luck.

Maybe life should be like this. There are always some feelings to be borne by a person silently. Even if you are a confidant, there are always times when you can't understand.

Walking alone is not lonely. Maybe lying quietly in the dark night, whispering all kinds of the past and fantasizing about so and so in the future; Watch the darkness devour the world a little bit. In the endless darkness, you will see that only in solitude does it really belong to your soul.

Don't expect others to revolve around you all the time, and don't follow others all the time. We all need space to walk alone, to get some secrets, to organize our thoughts. There is no one in this world who can't live without who!

Always hear whispers about loneliness, always see lonely words engraved, are complaining about a person's loneliness. However, I don't think walking alone is an unbearable pain. On the contrary, I enjoy a person's youth with the fragrance of wine.

A person, walking slowly in the rain, looking at the people around; A person, sitting quietly in the room, thinking about the past, the present and the future; A person can do a lot of things, a lot of things can be done by a person! A person, open his heart, let go of his thoughts, and enjoy the undisturbed freedom and unfettered release; A person, stay away from the clutter, straighten out his mood, feel the ease of hiding from right and wrong, and stay away from the secular free and easy.

In this way, a person, step by step, walked. My heart is filled with joy that I have never had before.

Finally, I found that it was all broken words. There was no logic to think about it. It was just a patchwork of trivial words. What does it matter? Just understand! One person knows enough! Drink a solitary wine: cool, fragrant, sweet and delicious!

As time changes, I still like walking alone in the bustling streets.

Watch others laugh.

Those lively, very close to me, you know, as long as I take a small step forward.

Those lively, also far away from me, you know, just need a turn.

I never came near or went far.