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Feeling of hard pen calligraphy

Since I remember things, I am full of the idea of realizing my dream. My heart is surging rapidly. I have a lot of dreams (young people with super aspirations). I dream of being a good writer. As early as my childhood, I often saw some people with good words waving their magic pen in front of everyone, which made me praise it. Every time I see my own words, a sense of compulsion and thirst surges into my heart, which makes me distressed. I try my best to practice writing, but I don't know why I can't do it, so I stop writing for the time being.

Over the years, I have made do with coming from self sorrow. Only because I don't have the right time and opportunity, I let myself blame and wonder. I can take advantage of it. The torture has not changed much since now.

Therefore, until now, the word is a facade. I know it clearly and write good words, which is related to a person's identity, status, respect for duty and dedication. What I say is a little exaggerated, but it is true in real life. Since then, I must pay attention to it. I have seen and smelled a lot of comments about writing good characters. Writing good characters is human duty; People say that writing well is an art; Writing well is a virtue and so on.

In real life, it is widely used and indispensable in people's communication. Such as writing family letters, reports, articles, homework, couplets, speeches, and what kinds of words are used to explain and express their own, so it can not be underestimated. Besides, through words, it can also show people's spiritual outlook and the soul of the nation. How proud and proud it is.

Looking forward, waiting and searching, I finally heard that there is such a training class in my hometown, and it is during the summer vacation, so I feel very happy and honored. Having wanted to write well for many years, I was overwhelmed by an inexplicable impulse. The idea that less than the Great Wall is not a hero appeared. Therefore, I made a name in the morning and waited for the arrival of the day of class & hellip& hellip;

Finally, the class started. This training class is divided into two classes, morning class and evening class. I'm in the morning class. The class time is from July 10 to July 30, a full 20 days (specifically, it's only 40 hours), but it makes me feel long and short, and I'm very uneasy. It's very important for me whether I can practice my words well or improve them. In the past, I used to just follow the cat and paint a tiger, facing the cold and desolate calligraphy notes full of ridicule and satire, but I never taught them face to face, because I think I'm a beginner. For a beginner, it seems simple to write and write well before I don't know the practice methods and steps. If I understand and master it, it's just a piece of cake to write good words, It's just a matter of time. Therefore, the emergence of icebergs is not cold in a day.

For me at the beginning of practicing calligraphy, (I believe others feel the same with me) - a pen, in my hand, seems to weigh a thousand kilograms and should be waved in my hand. Unless you use all your strength to write a good word, you also feel that it weighs ten thousand kilograms. This is the most clear in twenty days. If you want to write well, you must do everything possible. How to resist this heavy pen and dead pen depends on faith, spirit and perseverance. This is the primary condition. Only by overcoming it can you turn the heavy pen into a light pen and the dead pen into a living pen, and do whatever you want. Use it naturally and freely. Then, carry out the second difficulty and challenge yourself. How to describe the mountains, oceans, fields and villages on the blank paper( Among them, we should: understand the view, close our eyes and think about the past, meditate and aftertaste, and practice repeatedly). Only through methods and steps can we swing a satisfactory painting. Among them, distress is inevitable and of course, and it is also a major problem for everyone. If you want to get rid of it, it depends on your state of mind and waves in balance. More importantly, only in this way can we gain and see achievements. Otherwise, we will lose our ashes, lose our hands, be unarmed and have no blood in our brain. If we want to start from scratch, I'm afraid it will be more difficult and absent-minded, and the consequences and effects will be unspeakable.

There are many people practicing hard pen calligraphy with me, mostly children. The rest are junior middle school students. I should be the largest and oldest. Some people say that the veteran is a top two. I'm happy to give them a good lead and be an example, but I feel sad. But as the saying goes, a wise man is not in his age, but in his sincerity, so he said not miserably, I am the worst of these people, but also the best. Because the 'worst' is my word, which is really difficult to see, and because the 'best' is that I vowed to make progress in my word from the first day of practicing calligraphy. Even a little is better than no progress. Besides, as long as you work hard, work hard and use your brain, you won't just get a little harvest! As the saying goes (as long as you have deep Kung Fu, an iron rod can be ground into a needle, and Huang Tian no longer has a heart) this is proved by practice. I can rest assured. Why give yourself too much pressure and don't let yourself relax?

After practicing hard pen calligraphy, I found that in the process of practicing writing, first, I can't force myself (what must be done); Second, you can't give up halfway. You must persevere; Third, do it according to the methods and steps taught by the teacher. Needless to say, the result must be good. Please don't write your homework for completing your homework. Practice your calligraphy for practicing your calligraphy. You can't have this stupid idea. Always remember that it is for yourself to do homework and practice calligraphy, so that you can gain. The harvest has been improved and naturally sublimated (that is indispensable, the teacher's advice). He can comment with respect for his position and excellence. He is very different and has new methods and ideas. This is what teachers must have today. At the same time, it also depends on the cooperation of students. Now teachers and students must take a cooperative attitude, otherwise they are indispensable & hellip& hellip;

Practicing Chinese characters is very troublesome and bitter at first. One point - painting has to be repeated hundreds of times, which makes people take great pains. However, this is nature - nature. In the process of practice, I have been paying attention to the eight basic strokes of Chinese characters: point, horizontal, vertical, skimming, pressing, hook, lifting and folding, which the teacher specially emphasized. I can see from it that Dian Mingtang comes: 'Dian is the heart of man; Horizontal, is a person's belly and waist; Vertical is the backbone of man; Skimming is a person's left hand; Na is man's right hand; The hook is a person's left foot; Mention, is a person's right foot; Folding is a human head. " It's really interesting to imagine, and the metaphor is also very correct. After learning the basic strokes, you should learn the partial radicals, followed by the shelf structure, and then the formed words. I also see from it that the first and second radicals are human thoughts: the shelf structure is human bones; The formed word is the face of man. In a word, words are like people's faces. Writing good words is glorious. These seemingly boring words are actually helpful for practicing words and adjusting your mind. Those who are involved and understand can realize more truth from it.

Regular script running script cursive script Wei Bei official script seal script hard pen. These characters, no matter from the font, type and font, give people different feelings; Give people different illusions, so people's feelings are not nothingness and lies. People's feelings after feeling will never be wiped out. It will give people with a heart an unforgettable memory. Tomorrow, writing is your face. According to people's different views on beauty, people can choose different fonts to fill their personality and hobbies, but I think regular script is the best way to get started, which is very important. No matter who should write well, it can't be successful in two languages and a year and a half. For example, there is no road and font. It is only people's continuous practice, pursuit and pursuit, and slow accumulation that make achievements. Just like there is no road on the ground, more people will see the road. You can't write words well just by imagination. To write the essence, color, legends, let people see, have hallucinations, shake, immortal, this is kungfu, only then has the facade, will the future exhibition, bright bright.

Writing is like being a man. Being a man is writing. You can't pay attention to it or be careless,

More can not be careless, can not be careless, remember. This is a must in the process. It is also a violation of love. So be careful. I always warn myself, otherwise one day, the one who regrets is myself.

In these twenty days, although I only have two hours to practice and listen to classes every day, I always feel that I practice every day. This may be because I know that time is like gold, and I don't wait to die, because of my strong desire. But I still hope everyone can do this.

'although I have no pen in my hand, I have it in my heart. This is the enthusiasm and desire to write good words with confidence and pursuit. Give yourself patience, endurance and courage to persevere, which may become a bright road to success. "

Now my word is better than before, although it has not reached the desired level( Just because of the limited time, I can't force things to do twice as much. Some things can't be forced, so I'm already gratified and satisfied. During this time, I also had a good time. I would also like to thank the teacher for his advice and guidance. Without a good master to lead me into the school, I am afraid that my skills will not reach this level in the rush of the 20th National Congress.

Here I thank you, master. I'd like to give you a toast first.

Well, I have written my feelings of practicing hard pen calligraphy in the form of prose in the past 20 days. I believe that I am about to adhere to the method and use it correctly. One day, I can make myself feel proud and make others describe and boast. Here, I inadvertently wrote the first word of my life since my afterlife, the word 'person', which is the representative of my life, It's my desire. I am both honest and unrestrained.

This is how I really feel.