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Sketch "soliciting votes"

Time: morning of the ninth day of the first month

Location: farmyard

Character: candidate actor - Hou Jing camera - Director Wang Qiang - Li Wenxia

Background: (a rectangular stone table and four small stools are placed in the farmyard. Hou Jing comes up from one side, muttering in his mouth and holding green vegetables in his hand for cooking)

Hou: my wife is busy at work. I cook. If my wife is not at home, I'm the boss. I acted as a village head in Jingwei theater. I was called village head for miles around. I'm a celebrity now. The village head is really angry. Hey. I don't know if you've heard about it. Yesterday, we called the Jingwei theater column of Yicheng TV station to say that I was on the candidate list. We said that we would record a video for me today and asked me to prepare some words to win votes. I've been practicing all morning. The color of this TV station doesn't take me as a wrist. They haven't come yet. I'll practice this Kung Fu again. Let's give me some advice and see if it works. After a while, we won't leave. We'll make dumplings for you( Tidy up your clothes, dress up and look like a village head.)

Hou: hum, hum, ah, Hello, everyone. I'm candidate No. 23. I'm waiting for Beijing. First of all, I'll pay a new year's call for you. I hope you support me, vote for me, and then pay a new year's call for you. I hope you'll vote for me again, and then pay a new year's call for you. I hope you'll vote for me again. Thank you.

(director and photographer rush on)

Director: hurry up. After recording this, there are several people waiting to record. They must finish it before dark.

Photo: I see. It's coming soon( While eating bread, Hou Jing bows and looks up to see them.)

Hou: ah, ah, ah, here you are. Come on, come on, sit in the house.

Director: are you ready

Hou: ready? Have you eaten yet.

Director: No, I'll eat later after I'm busy here

Hou: let's go. Don't stand in the yard. Enter the house and eat here later

Photo: (wiping his mouth) no, let's start recording.

Hou: Well, drink some water first and I'll pour it for you.

Director: No, don't be busy. You've gone to the bathroom all morning.

Photo: don't be busy. Let's start quickly.

Hou: you're welcome. Coming to my house is just like your own. Sit down and have a rest. I'll come as soon as I go( Say, pour water)

Director: this man is too friendly.

Photographer: Well, our program is good and suitable for the public.

Director: by the way, after recording, we won't go back. It's too late. We'll eat out.

Yes, take this to me.

Guide: here, is the battery enough.

Photo: that's enough. It was almost too full from last night to morning.

Hou: (Hou Jingshang) I'll give you some water and help yourself to some food.

Guide: you don't have to be busy. There's not enough time. Let's start.

Hou: Well, what do you say.

Guide: after a while, you sit on the stone bench and say, be sure to relax.

Hou: no problem.

Director: cameraman, get ready to start recording.

Photo: OK, (preparing the angle and adjusting the focus) you sit there and I'll have a look.

H: sit here.

Photo: Yes, side up. OK, OK, don't move.

Director: ready.

H: wait, do you still need makeup( Sit down, a little feminine)

Guide: No, by the way, I almost forgot. Change your clothes.

Photo: Yes, just change your coat. The color is trendy.

Hou: then sit down and wait. I'll change it and come right away.

Guide: hurry up (Hou Jing takes out his cigarette and hands it to you two)

Wait: here, have a cigarette. I'm tired.

No, smoking is harmful to health( Turn around to the camera (Wang Qiang)

Photo: smoking is bad for the lungs. Don't smoke.

Hou: Oh (ready to take it back)

Photo: what kind of smoke do you have.

Hou: This is Honghe Q8. My wife went to my cousin's house in Taiwan years ago and brought it to me when she came back.

Photo: I haven't seen it. It's a blue box (strange glance)

Hou: Yes, it's not. It's pure blue. Look at this cigarette holder, too.

Photo: really? Let me see, (put it on my nose again) is it good.

Hou: try it. It tastes good( Hou Jing takes out a fire to light a cigarette. The fire is so big that he almost burns his eyebrows.)

Photo: you're a little smaller. You almost broke your face (to the audience), although you don't look very good.

Guide: what are you nagging about? Get ready to go (a little impatient)

Hou: Oh, wait a minute. I'll go now.

Guide: come on, eat this. It's delicious.

Photo: what.

Guide: specialty apples. Here you are. They are juicy and crispy.

Photo: it's really good. Come to his house if you want to eat.

Director: by the way, I'll think of a few words for the family and friends group later.

Photo: I've thought about it for a long time. (gesture) monkey essence, monkey essence, I love you, and the star status belongs to you.

Director: ha ha, what words do you think? Monkeys have come out.

Photographer: Director, this is OK.

Director: it's OK. Just don't call others monkey spirits. They call them Hou Jing. They'll change it later.

Hou: is this dress OK (Hou Jing runs up)

Director: OK, good. Let's start.

Photo: you sit there and I'll use the machine to see.

Hou: sit there?

Photo: just now, yes, that's it. Well, OK, you can start.

Director: by the way, where's your family and friends group.

Hou: Oh, just memorizing words. I forgot about it.

Director: go find someone and ask your family and friends to come quickly.

H: No, I'll make a call (to show myself)

Guide: here, use mine.

Photo: I have it here. Mine is cheap. Here you are.

Hou: No, I have. Thank you( Dial the phone, the signal is not very good) Hello, Hello, hang up?

Photo: the signal is bad.

Hou: the signal of waveguide mobile phone and the fighter in the mobile phone is not good. It's not as good as Shanzhai( Replay) Hello & hellip& hellip;

Photo: tell them to come quickly and call more people to get your votes.

Hou: Well, I see. Hey, mom, are you & hellip& hellip; Ah, oh, ah. Elder sister, I thought my mother answered the phone. You all came here. The people from the TV station came. Well, shout Aunt Liu, Aunt Zhang, uncle and aunt at the door. OK, just wait, 88. (walked two steps forward, ready to sit, empty).

Photo: slow down, you didn't fall.

Hou: it's all right. I'm too happy. I forget where I sit.

When will they come.

Hou: after shooting here, go to the front yard. They are all there.

Director: OK, let's start.

Photo: let's go.

Hou: OK, what do you say.

Guide: ready, I call 123, start, you say words.

Hou: OK, you call 123 and I'll say the word.

Lead: 123, on & hellip& hellip;

Hou: wait, director, forget, I can't say my words sitting.

Director: what's the matter.

Hou: I designed it standing. I'll do it later.

Guide: OK, OK, you stand there. You're ready. Be natural and start at 123.

Hou: Hello, I'm candidate Hou Beijing on the 23rd. For the new year, I'd like to give you a new year. I hope you can vote for me, and then give you a new year. I hope you can vote for me again, and then give you a new year. I hope you can vote for me again. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Director: Yes, yes, that's right.

Hou: all right, director.

Director: No, it's OK at first. It's just that there are too many new year greetings later. It's not good. Say something to let everyone know, such as who you play in which play.

Photo: you have to let everyone know you. If you don't know you, don't say you worship for so many years and knock so many heads. Few people vote for you.

Director: also, you are a candidate actor, not a candidate, and you are not participating in the political selection.

Hou: Oh, do you think that's why you should say that? Hello, everyone. I'm candidate actor No. 23. Hou Jing. First of all, I'll pay a new year's call to you. I play village head Li Baoku in (first-line time). I hope you can support me and vote for me. Thank you.

Photo: Hey, this is good. Let's start recording.

Director: Well, let's start -- 123.

Hou: Hello, everyone. I'm candidate No. 23. No, candidate actor Hou Jing. It's the new year. First of all, I'll give you a new year. I play village head Li Baoku in (first-line time). I hope you will support me and vote for me. Thank you.

Guide: stop, what you said is incoherent. Don't always think and say, and you're wrong at the beginning.

H: Well, I see. What's the problem.

Director: also, when you say hello, take a step forward, wave, be enthusiastic and happy.

Hou: just energetic.

Director: not energetic. Smile and face the camera. Nothing else. Let's do it again and start.

Photo: go back to the station, to the left, and then to the right, OK, OK.

Hou: Hi, everyone( Step forward, add action, it's a little embarrassing)

Guide: stop. Don't be so unnatural. Let go.

Photo: you relax, relax all over.

Hou: (almost relaxed and fell to the ground)

Guide: relax, not to let you relax. Come again.

Hou: OK, hi, everyone( Then he asked the director) Yes, that's right.

Photo: don't always look at the director, look at the camera.

Hou: Oh, I see (I always watch the director when I say it, and I'm always afraid of making mistakes) Hello, everyone. I'm candidate village head No. 23, Hou Jing. It's the new year.

Director: it's an actor. How do you say you're a candidate for village head.

Photo: take it easy. Do it again.

Hou: Oh (scratching his ears and cheeks)

Guide: again, just those two words, do you still want to use it? Fight for one OK, come on, 123 start.

Hou: Oh, hum, hum, Hello, everyone. I'm candidate actor No. 23. I'm waiting for Beijing. It's the new year. First of all, I'll give you a new year.

Guide: don't look at me, you continue to say your.

Hou: (a little embarrassed) forgot the words. What's next.

Guide: I'm in (a glimmer of time).

Hou: I play village head Li Baoku in (first-line time). I hope you will support me and vote for me. Thank you.

Photo: it's not good this time. The pause time is too long.

Guide: again, smile a little more, raise your voice a little more, and make your actions louder. Let's give him warm applause and eat more later.

Hou: Thank you. Well, Hello, everyone. I'm candidate No. 23 & hellip& hellip; Wrong again.

Director: it's not a candidate cadre. You're an actor, a candidate actor.

Hou: hum, hum (touching my throat) I drink some water and my throat is a little dry.

Guide: here, drink. Don't worry (I had a drink and burped). Let's start.

Hou: hum, hum, (touching his throat) Hello, everyone. I'm candidate No. 23. I'm wrong. I'll drink some water (continue after drinking) good evening, everyone. Dizzy, the party is coming out.

Director: don't be nervous. Don't look at me.

Hou: I'm not nervous. I, I, I (quickly pick up the water cup and drink) ah, comfortable. Come again (burp) come (burp) everyone (burp)

Guide: why burp? You're too nervous.

H: I'm not (burping) nervous( Take off your eyes and rub your face)

Guide: you smoke a cigarette.

Hou: (covering his mouth) I don't drink water.

Guide: stop drinking water.

I don't smoke( Squint and bend your head to find something)

Director: (to the cameraman) I don't think we can shoot now. Let's let him practice hard and let's shoot in the afternoon.

Photo: that's all I can do. (looking at Hou Jing) what's the matter? What are you looking for.

Hou: (kneeling on the ground) where are my eyes? Ah, where are my eyes? Have you seen him yet.

Guide: your eyes are in your hand.

Hou: Oh, I can't find it. You say I'm a little nervous. Why doesn't my brain work?

Director: you get up. I said let's shoot in the afternoon,