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Forgetting is also a kind of happiness

When I read an article recently, I was very touched and inspired. The main idea of the article is: "in a school in Los Angeles, there is a woman named price. She is 44 years old. Originally, she was just enjoying a better life, but because she has extraordinary memory, she can remember extremely small things many years ago. Her mind is like a movie. She recalls the past events, which are vivid in her mind. If these memories are happy, but her memories also bring all the unpleasant, sad and painful things in the past, which makes her good mood very bad and her life very painful. She went around for medical treatment and asked experts to tell her what to do. As a result, no expert could give an answer. A psychologist suggested: only by gradually learning to forget can we relieve the pain and get happiness and happiness. "

Yes, in real life, many of us feel unhappy. The main reason is that we haven't learned to forget.

In daily work, study and life, people often worry about forgetting something or someone. In fact, it is also very important to learn to forget consciously. Because we will abandon our troubles because we forget, and we can get happiness in forgetting.

Life is like a dream, years are ruthless, people live is actually a kind of mood, poor or rich, gain or loss, are passing by. In fact, there are only a few words in life: birth, old age, death, clothing, food, shelter, joy, anger, sorrow, love and hatred. People, in the face of life can not choose, in the 'go' when unable to return to heaven. A person's life is neither sweet nor terrible. It is often a place of misfortune and fortune, and a place of fortune and misfortune. Life has some surprises and bumps, which is completely normal. Don't be complacent or sad. We should face life bravely and pursue happiness tirelessly.

It can be said that people need happiness when they are born, just as birds need the sky, grass needs the sun and fish need the sea. The process of life is the process of pursuing happiness.

Happiness is an old and often new topic. For thousands of years, mankind has been exploring its true meaning. However, what is true happiness? Different people have different interpretations. Philosophers say: happiness is the condition and experience that people feel satisfied when they struggle for their ideals and achieve their predetermined goals and ideals. Sociologists say that happiness refers to a relatively harmonious living state in which people perceive their own needs, activities and conditions. Ethicists say that happiness is the purpose of life and the standard of morality. Writers say: happiness is a happy situation and life. Marxists say: happiness is to strive for the liberation of all mankind. Ordinary people say: happiness is to have a good job, a group of close friends, a healthy body and a happy family. Some people also say that happiness means high officials and high salaries, wealth, good wine and delicious food, golden houses and charming women, fame and so on.

In fact, there is no unified standard for happiness. It is just a feeling of beauty, a spiritual satisfaction, a pleasant happiness, and a state of 'contentment'. Like shoes on your feet, only you know whether they are comfortable or not.

Yang Hu, who lived in the reign of Emperor Wu of the Jin Dynasty, said: 'when things go wrong in the world, ten often live in eight or nine'. According to this famous saying, later generations deduce an attitude towards life. Since it is not as good as the intention, the remaining 12 things are naturally satisfactory. Why don't we often think about 12 and forget or think less about 89?

There are too many regrets, too much sadness and too much helplessness in one's life. For example, interpersonal conflicts, misunderstandings, disputes and grudges may become a shadow, pain and sadness of life. These things will stay in the memory for a long time. They will be unbearable, difficult to eliminate resentment and unforgettable. They will inevitably bring heavy burden to life, so it is difficult to feel happiness. Therefore, we must learn to forget, forget the intrigues in the officialdom, forget the intrigues in the shopping mall, forget the gratitude and resentment in the love field, forget all sadness, forget all hatred, forget all pain, and forget all unpleasant things.

Forgetting is easier said than done. No one can be so free and easy, and no one can really forget completely. It is said that there is a kind of soup that people will forget everything after drinking. But where can I find this soup? Since there is no panacea, you have to learn to forget with trade-offs. Then you often think about one or two and think less.

If you often think about one or two and think less about eight or nine, you should be optimistic and open-minded. In social life, some people are optimistic and filled with joy and satisfaction, while others are pessimistic and filled with depression and trouble. The important reason is that different angles of observing life lead to different living conditions. After all, the unpleasant things in life account for the vast majority. When you think about everything, you will find a glimmer of dawn in the heavy dark clouds, open a tranquility in the rolling red dust, and get a deep breath when you are on the verge of suffocation. Learn to thank one or two of the best in life with your heart, so as to resolve suffering with tenacity, make life full of sunshine, and appreciate happiness and happiness.

If you often think about one or two and think less about eight or nine, you should reduce your burden. Life in the world, like a lot of things, like the sand in the Ganges, but few get it. If you can't get something, why do you have to push the train by hand? Besides, the right to fame in the world is an external thing. In fact, many unhappy things in life are self inflicted. For example: deliberately fight for something that should not be fought, and the more you fight, the more unhappy you are; Sum up this ratio and that ratio, the more you compare, the more unhappy you are; Desire is too strong and powerless, the more you think, the more unhappy you are. Appropriately give up some external things and reduce the excessive sense of fame and right. If you are unhappy, you will naturally reduce your physical and mental burden. Tolstoy said: the smaller the desire, the happier the life. Buddhists say: everything you ask for is bitter. Confucianism said: no desire is just. Taoism says: only when you have a clear heart and few desires can you get the Tao. Modern people say: plain and light is true.

If you often think about one or two and think less about eight or nine, you should be kind to yourself. The world is a kaleidoscope. Anything can happen. Some people can treat others with tolerance, but they are often too strict with themselves, pursue perfection too much, and are unwilling to be after others. In this way, they are bound to live too tired, put themselves in the misunderstanding of self blame, and even cause psychological diseases in serious cases. Therefore, being kind to others is a virtue, and being kind to yourself is a quality that modern people should have. As long as we do our best, even if some things are not perfect or even fail, we should tolerate ourselves, treat ourselves well and release ourselves. In this way, we can have a wonderful life of relaxation.

If you often think about one or two and think less about eight or nine, you should not pursue perfection. People all over the world want to do things perfectly. If they do things perfectly, people from top to bottom are satisfied and the relationship in all aspects is smooth. However, it is because people want to achieve perfection in everything that they eat so much pain, suffer so many sins, have so many self harshness, and have so many misfortunes in life. The basis of perfection is to ask yourself not to make any mistakes and to ask the outside world not to have any problems, which is impossible. Because the perfection of things is infinite, which is a category of limitless life. Lack of shake reflects reality, lack of shake reflects personality, lack of shake promotes people's reverie, and lack of shake breeds hope. Being a man and doing things too perfectly will lose the taste of a man. It's either scheming or too scheming. In order to achieve perfection, it is inevitable to disguise, tell lies and do something against one's will. Such people live very tired and have no happiness and happiness. By contrast, those who are less than scheming and have natural shortcomings live at ease.

If you often think about one or two and think less about eight or nine, you should be tolerant. Tolerance is praised by many people. Hugo, a French writer, said, "the widest thing in the world is the ocean. What is wider than the ocean is the sky, and what is wider than the sky is people's mind." The vast world, the vast sea of people, right and wrong, difficult to fulfill people's wishes. Whether it is husband and wife, parents, brothers and sisters, relatives, friends, classmates, colleagues, leaders and subordinates, there are differences in cognitive level between people. It is inevitable that there will be a collision between lips and teeth and a collision between pot and spoon, which requires tolerance. Tolerance is not only a kind of self-cultivation and good quality, but also a way of life and a principle of life. Tolerance is to tolerate people's shortcomings, mistakes and mistakes. Many things can be turned into friendship as long as they are solved with tolerance. A person who refuses to forgive others is not giving himself room, because everyone needs to forgive. However, in real life, many people don't have the heart of tolerance. They use their own standards to measure others. They can't stand this and that all day. As a result, they have fewer and fewer friends and more and more troubles. People with a tolerant heart know how to transpose thinking and can think for others. In this way, you will get the trust of others, achieve mutual understanding, mutual respect, happy mood, and boundless happiness.

Life may experience the pain and frustration of life, the meeting and separation of emotions, the gain and loss of fame and wealth, so that we can slowly find out the life philosophy of often thinking about one or two and less thinking about eight or nine, and realize that forgetting is also the true meaning of happiness and happiness.