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Father's love in humble


My father is less than 1.6 meters tall. My brother and I have inherited his gene and have been the shortest student in the class since childhood. This is really frustrating. My brother and I will go home and lose our temper with him every time we are laughed at by our classmates. Dad always' hey hey 'smile, trying to please us. My brother and I chewed the fruit he bought, turned and spoiled our mother: 'if it's your fault, why do you talk to my father? If it weren't for him, we would certainly grow very tall.'

'I haven't seen him in the eye since the first day I entered the door.' Mother took over our conversation, gnashing her teeth, placed her father's back and said bitterly. My brother and I are used to standing on my mother's side. It's not that we despise dad, it's that this man is really a problem.

Dad likes to brag and show off, and he is super ignorant of the times. We don't want to see him. It's supposed that he should hide and work hard, but he's still talkative. As long as my brother and I don't do our homework, we will catch up and gossip. It's not that we don't want to communicate with him, but what he said is that Lao Li's yellow cattle have given birth, and Lao Wang's daughter has eloped with who. It's trivial. People's ears are cocooned. It's really impatient.

When we went to junior high school, the economic pressure at home was even greater. At that time, a person in the village led a team to do construction. My mother immediately begged others to take my father. My brother and I breathed a sigh when my father left home. But I didn't expect that soon after arriving at the construction site, my father bought a second-hand mobile phone and called home when he had nothing to do. Mom was busy and didn't have time to talk to him. He dragged me and my brother to ask questions. The cell phone signal is bad and intermittent. We can't hear what he said at all. And he, no matter what we say, keeps talking on the other end of the phone.

When he calls again later, we push each other out. Or just press' hands-free 'and let him talk on the phone. What should we do here.


When I was at home, my father always called. I went to a high school in another county. It was a long distance and my homework was busy. I thought my father was not so sticky, but I didn't expect that he still called every three days.

The contents of the phone are the same. What do you eat? Did you sleep well? Are you tired with your lessons? I'm so tired of hearing it that I always return to him: 'I'm reading a book. Hang up quickly.' He wasn't angry when I talked to him like this. 'hey hey' hung up with a smile and called back on time every three days.

Over time, the students all know that I have a nagging father, and they all envy me. I keep my mouth shut and don't talk about family affairs. Most of my classmates are from superior families, and there are very few rural children like me. I can't imagine what people would think if they knew my father was just a builder.

More and more afraid of what. One day in senior three, my father suddenly came to class. When the head teacher told me the news, I was so shocked that I couldn't speak.

At the school gate, far away, my father stood cramped, wearing a snow-white pleated white shirt with a hanging tag hanging from the collar. I blushed and shouted to him, 'what are you doing here?' He looked at me in fear, 'I went home and passed by your school. I miss you very much?'

He muttered a lot. Finally, he had to take me out to dinner. I refused without thinking about it. Finally, he was embarrassed to give me 100 yuan, turned and walked away, took off his white shirt and wrapped it carefully. Looking at the broken vest with a big hole on his body, I felt sad for a moment. I was about to call him again. A classmate suddenly came from behind: 'who came to see you?'

I hurriedly prevaricated and immediately turned and ran away. He called home at night and lost his temper for no reason. Although he didn't say it clearly, he seemed to realize something. He never came to school again and didn't call again.

In early August, the university admission notice arrived. The tuition fee is 6400 yuan, including other miscellaneous expenses, a total of 10000 yuan.

Mother began to sell food at home to raise money, while urging her father to find a foreman to settle his salary. At the end of August, my father called back happily: the foreman said that as long as he saw my admission notice, he could not only settle the salary, but also advance two months' salary.

My father meant that I came back to get the notice, but I was reluctant to pay 70 yuan a day. Finally, my mother made a decision and asked me to go to my father with the admission notice.


At the end of August, the beginning of autumn had long passed, and the weather was not so hot. But when I found the construction site under construction according to my father's address, I still felt bursts of heat waves. The sun was burning mercilessly, and the people on the construction site were wearing almost the same clothes, which were too dirty to see the color of vests and shorts. Some of them build bricks, some carry sand and cement, and others beat steel bars. I stood blankly: where is dad? I timidly shouted 'dad', and no one heard the roar of the machine. No way, I had to call my father's cell phone. Knowing that I had arrived, my father's voice was full of surprises. He tried to shout his position. After watching for a long time, I saw a short man waving his arms on the high scaffold not far away.

Tears fell suddenly. Such a high building, such hot weather, I felt a deep love for the first time. When my father climbed down from the scaffold and ran to me, watching him panting and sweating, my tears surged even more.

This short, hard-working but always happy man, who has been despised and avoided by the whole family, was frightened by my tears. He repeatedly asked me what grievances I had suffered. Sweat rushed out traces on his dusty face. Looking at his funny appearance, I burst into tears and laughed.

According to my mother, I will go back immediately after I get the salary, but my father insists on keeping me for one night. He wants to invite the workers on the construction site to drink and celebrate. As usual, I will blame him for wasting, but now, looking at those silly and smiling uncles and their thin and sad father, I nodded and agreed.

That night, in a large stall near the construction site, my father ordered a lot of beer and side dishes. According to his instructions, I respectfully propose a toast to your uncles and uncles. Everyone looked at our father and daughter with envy. At that moment, the short father seemed to - suddenly become very tall. He drank in a big bowl of pride I had never seen before, and soon drank too much. He was so drunk that he took my hand and burst into tears, 'girl, you gave Dad a sigh of relief.'

My eyes are a little red, too. The workmates told me to be filial to my father in the future. In their mouth, I knew that the little man did what others didn't want to do for the tuition of me and my brother, and rushed up without saying a word.

When the banquet was over, the workmates went back in twos and threes, and my father led me to the hotel I had already booked. He repeatedly checked whether the bed was comfortable. When I asked him to have a rest on the bed, he 'hey hey' smiled and waved his hand and refused: 'no, dad is dirty?'

I pretended to be angry and pushed my father into the bathroom. When he came out, I changed into the clean vest and shorts I bought for him in the shop. Dad lay carefully on the bed and said he was taking a break, but he snored loudly in less than 10 minutes. I squatted in the bathroom to wash my father's clothes. The water changed again and again. The dust on those two clothes seemed to never wash clean.

At midnight, the whole world was quiet. I sat quietly by the bed and looked at my sleeping father. At that moment, he was like a pure baby, with his eyebrows stretched and a smile in his sleep & hellip& hellip;

The sun is dazzling and can't look up for a long time. The fuzzy father has been jumping on the scaffold like a happy comma.

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