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The warmth of an egg

He is a child with low self-esteem. He is fifteen years old. He is thin and small. Moreover, his family is despised by his classmates. His father sells fruit and his mother works as a shoemaker near the school.

Other children are all rich children in the city. Their parents are powerful. He is an exception. His father has no education and spent a lot of money to let him go to this key middle school.

He was always discriminated against that day. His clothes were the worst. All other children wore branded clothes. Hundreds of schoolbags and pencil boxes were needed. Someone laughed at his broken schoolbag. He once cried, but he didn't tell his parents because he was afraid that his parents would be sad, because his mother bought it for him.

The best thing for him is Miss Wu, who always encourages him and looks at him with a smile. Miss Wu is young and beautiful, and many children like her.

Christmas is coming, all the children bought Ping An fruit for the teacher, all bought in that biggest supermarket. There are snake fruit, navel orange and apple. A Ping An fruit costs ten yuan for the cheap and dozens for the expensive. He has no money, and he doesn't want to ask his parents for money, so he boiled an egg at home and gave it to Mr. Wu.

He carefully took the egg and wrapped it in a nice red paper. The students asked him, what did you wrap? Why is it so small and ugly? He said, eggs, for Mr. Wu.

Everyone laughed. He bowed his head in inferiority. He thought, will the teacher laugh at him if he gives it to the teacher?

But unexpectedly, Mr. Wu not only didn't laugh at him, but also said in front of the whole class, 'students, this is the most unusual gift Mr. Wu received, which shows that this student is very creative. In fact, he doesn't have to buy any peace fruit for the teacher. With this heart, the teacher is very happy and excited.'

He cried and felt that the teacher was kind to him. He always thought that he was a poor child and would be discriminated against. He always thought he had no dignity, but the teacher gave him great encouragement. The teacher also told them a story: Once upon a time, there was a little girl whose family was very poor. She was a poor child. One day, her mother took her to give gifts to the headmaster and asked the child to transfer to the Central Primary School. Her mother gave the only old hen in the family to the headmaster. At that time, the headmaster was the son of the village head. She explained her intention with her mother, And gave the old hen to the headmaster. The headmaster said, who wants this? We're tired of eating old hens. We don't even like small firewood chickens.

That sentence stabbed the little girl and her mother. They didn't go to Chengzhong primary school. The little girl still went to primary school in her village, but she understood that she should work hard and get the first place every year. Finally, she was admitted to the first middle school in the county with the first result of the whole township. Later, she was admitted to normal school and taught in a primary school.

The children were very moved after hearing the story. Teacher Wu said that the girl was me.

When he heard this, he had tears in his eyes. Unexpectedly, the teacher was also a poor child. The teacher also gave gifts and was rejected! How happy he is by comparison.

The teacher said, students, we should know that everyone has dignity, whether poor or rich, so is this egg the best gift the teacher received?

Everyone clapped, and he lay on the table and cried.