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A man waiting for love

When the phone rang, I instinctively picked up the phone and heard a long lost voice. The cheerful laughter cheered me up. " Wei, I'm all right. Ha ha! " Really? '' Really, the doctor said my illness was completely cured. " Wan Ying, great. " Wei, I'll invite you to dinner tomorrow for my rebirth. " OK, see you tomorrow. " Put down the phone, the bottom of my heart was filled with sudden joy, lingering for a long time.

Cheer for you! A man waiting for love. You finally cured Wan Ying's disease completely. Your waiting for love finally cured Wan Ying.

Wan Ying was a former colleague of mine. At that time, we were very good friends and we talked about everything. One day last summer vacation, Wan Ying went to the hospital for an annual routine check. The doctor found a lump in her breast. After examination, she was diagnosed as breast cancer. This is undoubtedly a bolt from the blue for WAN Ying.

Wan Ying has a happy and happy family, a considerate and caring husband and a pair of excellent children. Her husband, Li Jian, works in the power supply bureau, and her children study in the key middle school in the town. During the holidays, the family often travel by car and live an enviable life.

After receiving the confirmation notice from Wan Ying, Li Jian immediately contacted famous experts in the province for consultation. After consultation, the experts agreed that surgery was the best treatment. Li Jian resolutely decided to let Wan Ying have surgery immediately.

The night before the operation, Li Jian looked at Wan Ying, who was shrouded in sadness on the hospital bed, and gently said, 'don't worry, the doctor said that thanks to the early discovery and timely operation, your disease will be cured.' Wan Ying looked at Li Jian sadly and said, 'Jian, will you dislike me after the operation?' Li Jian pitifully hugged her in his arms and whispered, 'fool! How come? I will guard you forever! " Wan Ying nestled in Li Jian's arms and said softly, 'really?' Li Jian said gently, 'of course it's true. You'll always be my favorite. Don't think too much, go to sleep! I'll have an operation tomorrow! " Li Jian carefully helped Wan Ying cover the quilt and sat quietly in the hospital bed. Wan Ying falls asleep safely under Li Jian's gentle gaze.

The next day, Wan Ying was pushed into the operating room by the nurse under the warm gaze of Li Jian. At the moment when Wan Ying was about to be pushed into the operating room, Li Jian walked over quickly, held Wan Ying's hand and said, 'Wan Ying, don't think too much. Be strong. I'll wait for you all my life.' Tears slowly slipped from WANYING's eyes. She firmly nodded to Li Jian. Li Jiansong opened his hand. The nurse pushed WANYING into the operation. At the moment when the operating room door was closed, Li Jian secretly prayed in the bottom of his heart: Wan Ying, your operation must succeed! My children and I need you. I will love you and wait for you with my life.

The operation lasted eight hours. Li Jian paced back and forth in front of the operating room, waiting anxiously & hellip& hellip;

With the sound of a glottal, the door of the operating room was pushed open, and WAN Ying pushed out. She looked pale, because the anesthetic hadn't passed yet, she still had to fall asleep. Li Jian asked the attending doctor who came out later about the operation. The attending doctor said to him, 'the operation was very successful. We removed her left breast. When the wound healed, we did a few more chemotherapy. The condition should be controlled and there is little chance of recurrence. At present, the most important thing is to keep the patient's body well. Chemotherapy is an important treatment. Chemotherapy must have a strong physique. You should do your wife's ideological work and let her have psychological preparation. " Li Jian said, 'doctor, thank you! I will. "

After seeing off the doctor, Li Jian returned to the ward and looked at Wan Ying, who was pale on the hospital bed. He felt a burst of pity in his heart. He went over and held Wan Ying's hand tightly and whispered, 'you should get better quickly. Let's overcome the disease together!'

When Wan Ying woke up, it was already late at night. She opened her eyes leisurely and looked at Li Jian sleeping on the hospital bed. Her heart was moved for a while. Remembering that the operation made him lose a woman's sexual characteristics, tears unconsciously slipped down again. Tears fell on Li Jian's hands. Li Jian woke up and saw Wan Ying's tears. Li Jian said, 'Why are you crying? Don't cry, don't cry, everything will be all right. " Wan Ying cried even more sadly under Li Jian's warmth. Li Jian said, 'Ying, don't worry! I won't leave you alone. I'll fight the disease with you. "