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What to eat in winter?

Autumn and winter is the best season for health preservation. What to eat for health preservation in winter? Below, introduces some winter health recipes and some porridge indispensable for winter health. While doing a good job of winter health, you should also pay attention to physical exercise.

1. Ginseng porridge

Take 3 grams of ginseng, put it in a sand pot, add water and simmer for 20 minutes, add 100 grams of Japonica rice, cook until the porridge is thick, add an appropriate amount of honey or rock sugar to taste and take it. It is suitable for the elderly with body deficiency after disease, or fear of cold, food stagnation, loose stools and diarrhea. Regular consumption of ginseng porridge has a good preventive and therapeutic effect on patients with myocardial malnutrition, coronary atherosclerosis, angina pectoris and arrhythmia.

2. Chicken porridge

1 hen, 100g japonica rice, a little refined salt, boiled into porridge. Chicken juice porridge has the function of nourishing qi and blood and nourishing the five zang organs. It is applicable to various syndromes of asthenia and fatigue, loss of essence and blood, uncertainty of kidney qi, maternal malnutrition and other diseases.

3. Mutton porridge

Choose 250g lean mutton, wash it, cut it into diced meat, stew it with a radish and remove the smell of mutton. Then take out the radish and put 150g of Japonica Rice to cook porridge. Mutton is warm and hot. It is a food with high protein and low cholesterol. Eating mutton porridge in winter can replenish qi and deficiency, warm the middle and warm the lower, and benefit the kidney and strengthen yang. It is most suitable for patients with anemia, chronic gastritis and deficiency cold syndrome.