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What does female Qi deficiency eat to recuperate? Female Qi deficiency diet porridge

What does female Qi deficiency eat to recuperate? Female Qi deficiency diet porridge. How to regulate female Qi deficiency? How to eat tonic for female Qi deficiency? According to women's physical structure and physical requirements, the required dietary treatment schemes are also different. Below we introduce what conditioning women with Qi deficiency eat? Female Qi deficiency diet porridge.

Longan red jujube porridge: 15g longan meat, 3 ~ 5 red jujubes and 100g japonica rice. Cook them into porridge and warm them. Longan jujube porridge nourishes the heart, spleen and blood, nourishing and strong.

Coix jujube porridge: 100g Brown glutinous rice, 50g coix seed and 15 red dates. Cook them together into porridge and add an appropriate amount of sugar when eating. Often drink barley jujube porridge can nourish yin and blood. 2 eggs in egg yolk soup, take the egg yolk and break it up. Add a little salt before boiling, add egg yolk and cook, drink and take twice a day. Egg yolk soup has good iron supplement effect and is suitable for women with iron deficiency anemia.

Yam and coix seed tea: 9 grams of Huai yam and coix seed respectively, fried in water instead of tea. Often drinking yam and job's tears tea can make you have enough Qi, good spirit and good face. But it should be noted that good yams are white. If they are purple or red, the effect is only equivalent to eating sweet potatoes.

Sishen soup: lotus seed, Yiyiren, Huai yam and Euryale ferox are suitable for people with Qi deficiency. Some people are used to adding ribs and chicken in Sishen soup. In order to prevent excess nutrition and obesity, they can remove the attached oil and cook again.

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Mushroom loach porridge: Mushroom loach porridge is very effective for people with Qi deficiency and poor gastrointestinal function. The loach, garlic, mushroom, rice and onion are boiled into porridge, which not only tastes good, but also has high nutritional value.

After reading the above, we should have some understanding of what to eat for women with Qi deficiency. More topics about women's Qi deficiency diet porridge will be introduced in the next article. Welcome to check it. Wish you a happy life!