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Beware of food poisoning in picnics during the 11th national holiday

Be on guard against food poisoning when going on a picnic on the 11th national holiday. Replay: every year during the golden week of national day, Mr. Li's family will make a travel plan in advance and go to scenic spots to breathe fresh air. Adults are busy preparing food for the picnic, while children are playing around. Honghong, the most greedy of them, eats a few clusters of small grape bunches and red fruits. Soon, her lips turn purple and she vomits.

Countermeasures: when traveling, don't eat unknown plants and fruits, and eat less food that has never been tried before.

After food poisoning, there will be purple lips, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, hand and foot paralysis and other symptoms. Should drink some warm water to the poisoned person in time, use the method such as picking throat to induce vomiting artificially, repeat several times. Oral berberine 2-5 tablets or norfloxacin 1-2 tablets, 3 times a day; abdominal pain can take belladonna 1-2 tablets; can drink more water, preferably sugar salt water, urinate more. If the symptoms are serious, send to the hospital for emergency treatment in time.