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How to eat on the wine table both ceremoniously and healthily?

How to eat on the wine table is not only ceremonial but also healthy? There are always all kinds of parties in our life. We seldom pay attention to the culture on the wine table at home, but it has become very important in social occasions. How to keep our colleagues eating and drinking well and keep healthy?

How to serve wine? This problem is less or less used in today's ordinary families. However, from the perspective of more and more young people's acceptance of new life changes, it is necessary to study it.

The correct way is to fill the glass half full. No matter whether the banquet is held at home or in a restaurant, if you provide precious wine, be sure to take out the wine bottle for the guests to see.

If you only offer ordinary wine, please pour the wine into a glass bottle with stopper in advance. The glass bottle does not need to be placed on the mat or silver plate.

Many wine tasters feel that wine with increased alcohol concentration should be poured into a glass bottle with a stopper first, and then served out.

The temperature of the wine should be equal to room temperature. If your wine is too cold, it is suggested that the guest warm the wine by hand.

Before the banquet, put the Baijiu in the refrigerator for at least two hours, or put ice cream and ice water ice cream for 20 minutes. Remember, the better the quality of Baijiu, the shorter the time needed to cool down. If you forget to pre ice, please put the bottle in the ice room for 15 minutes. But no matter where you put it, don't forget to take it out!

Many people prefer to drink only one of their favorite drinks all night, so a dedicated host will prepare red wine and Baijiu at the same time. Although the heat sink is not good on the table, it is quite practical to keep the Baijiu ice in the summer night.

When serving wine for the first time, the host can pour wine for all the guests in person, but remember to go against the clock, starting with the guests sitting on the left, and finally it's the host's turn. After a drink, the guest can ask the person sitting opposite to you to help add wine to the people nearby. If you have prepared red wine and Baijiu, please divide two bottles into two ends of the table.

After reading the above content, you should have some understanding of how to eat on the wine table both ceremonially and healthily. Today we will introduce here. More topics about food health will be introduced in the following chapters. Welcome to check. Wish you a happy life!