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Is carrot more nutritious to eat raw?

Is carrot more nutritious to eat raw? Are carrots nutritious to eat raw? How to eat carrot with the highest nutritional value? Is it better to eat carrots raw or cooked? How to eat carrot nutrition most? Let's talk about how to eat carrots.

1. If vegetables are eaten raw, nutrition will not run away, so carrots should also be eaten raw to have nutrition.

wrong. Although carrots are vegetables, the carotenoids contained in carrots are fat soluble and can be enzymolysis only when combined with lipids. Carotenoids are relatively stable in cooking. Basic nutrition shows that the cooking method in China can preserve 76% ~ 94%. Therefore, eating carrots raw, carotenoids are difficult to absorb because there is no fat, resulting in waste. Similarly, fried liver tip and fried chicken liver are more conducive to the absorption and utilization of vitamin A than saline liver.

2. Eating too much vitamin A can be toxic, so carrots can't be eaten all the time.

wrong. Excessive intake of vitamin A (cod liver oil, winter dog's liver) will cause poisoning symptoms, mainly including anorexia, excessive excitement, bone pain, limited limb activity, sparse hair, hepatomegaly, muscle stiffness, skin pruritus, headache and dizziness. Adults can be poisoned if they take more than 15000 μ g retinol equivalent every day for a long time. However, after a large amount of carrot intake, no other toxicity has been found except that it is yellow due to the accumulation of skin fat (it can disappear after stopping use); On the contrary, carotenoids have more cancer inhibition than vitamin A, because they also have antioxidant effects. Eating carrots often reduces the incidence rate of lung cancer, gastric cancer and prostate cancer.

3. All green vegetables, red and yellow vegetables and fruits contain carotenoids, which can be used as a source of vitamin A.

wrong. Indeed, they all contain carotenoids, but their biological effects are different, including & beta- Carotene is the highest, 6 micrograms is equivalent to 1 microgram of vitamin A, and other carotenoids are less than half of it. Zeaxanthin, capsanthin and lycopene cannot be decomposed to form vitamin A.

After reading the above content, we should know more about the question of whether carrots are more nutritious. More topics about carrots are more nutritious will be introduced in the next article. Welcome to check. Wish you a happy life!