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How to eat barbecue to reduce harmful substances to avoid cancer?

How to eat barbecue to reduce harmful substances to avoid cancer? We can't demand the delicious barbecue and good health at the same time. But we can reduce the harm of barbecue to health through some ways, and try our best to keep our health while enjoying the delicious barbecue.

1. Barbecue sauce reduces cancer

Relevant studies have pointed out that the production of carcinogens can be greatly reduced by soaking or smearing with barbecue sauce. reason:

First, it can reduce the temperature of barbecue. The starch, sugar and other ingredients in the barbecue sauce absorb heat first when heated, which can protect the meat in the middle from sudden high temperature. Moreover, in order to keep the color and state of sauce beautiful, diners will also pay more attention not to overheat, thus reducing the chance of carcinogens.

Second, some beneficial ingredients contained in barbecue sauce are also the reasons for hindering the production of carcinogens. It was found that lemon juice, tomato sauce and garlic juice were used in the seasoning of roast meat, while acidic conditions and reducing substances would hinder the formation of carcinogens. At the same time, these food ingredients have certain anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects, and are also beneficial to prevent the harm of high temperature heated food to human body.

2. Try to avoid open-air barbecue

Under the open air conditions, it is difficult to control the barbecue temperature, and the local temperature is easy to rise to more than 300 ℃, so the risk of carcinogens is great. In addition, the temperature should be strictly controlled to avoid burning. Once the place where the meat comes into contact with the roasting plate is burnt and blackened, the carcinogens are hard to avoid.

3. Season with garlic juice and lemon juice in advance

Eat barbecue at the same time, squeeze some tomato sauce, lemon juice as seasoning, can hinder the formation of carcinogens.

4. Eat more fresh raw vegetables and fermented food

In order to obtain as much antioxidant and anticancer ingredients as possible, and dietary fiber to promote the emission of carcinogens. Of course, although barbecue is delicious, it should not be eaten often. Don't ignore it because of the low content of harmful substances. We should know that the reason that quantitative change causes qualitative change also applies to health.