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How to make Chongqing hot pot seasoning? How to make Chongqing hot pot seasoning?

How to make Chongqing hot pot seasoning? How to make Chongqing hot pot seasoning? Chongqing hot pot is mainly made of spicy and spicy ingredients. It has many flavors. It pays attention to seasoning. It is good at changing. It pays attention to the use of soup. It advocates nature. It has fine craftsmanship and flexible changes. It has a wide range of ingredients and a unique style. It can drink and eat at will. Pixian Douban is brewed with broad bean, pepper and salt. It is a local specialty of Pixian County in Chengdu. Its color is bright red, moist and spicy; Pixian Douban is the most important seasoning in red soup hotpot. It can increase the flavor and flavor of the soup, and make the soup warm, hot and thick

Pixian watercress

Douchi is brewed with soybeans, salt and spices. It has mellow smell, yellow and black color, smooth oil, soft cake and scattered seeds. It tastes fresh and sweet. Yongchuan Douchi in Chongqing is the best. Douchi used in soup bittern can increase the taste of salty, fresh and mellow

Dry pepper

There are many kinds of dry pepper, including big gold bar, five leaf pepper, Chaotian pepper, seven star pepper, Dahongpao pepper and millet pepper. Adding dry pepper to hot pot soup (pot bottom) can remove fishiness, relieve greasiness, suppress peculiar smell, increase spicy flavor and color

Sichuan Pepper

Zanthoxylum bungeanum is pungent, warm and numb in taste, strong in taste, able to warm and disperse cold, with the effect of dehumidification and pain relief; Sichuan Maowen pepper and Qingxi pepper are superior. Zanthoxylum bungeanum is an important seasoning for hot pot. It can be used in soup bittern to suppress fishiness, eliminate differences and increase freshness


Ginger is pungent and wet. It contains volatile oil gingerol. It has a special pungent flavor. Ginger is used in red soup and clear soup bittern, which can effectively remove fishy smell, press Sao and flavor


Garlic is spicy and fragrant. It contains volatile oil and second rate compounds. Garlic is mainly used for seasoning, flavor enhancement and odor elimination

fermented glutinous rice wine

Mash is brewed from glutinous rice. The rice grains are soft but not rotten, and the wine is mellow. It is sweet and delicious, thick but not mixed, and strong but not sticky. The hot pot soup brine (bottom material) can be prepared by adding mash. It can increase freshness, suppress fishiness, remove peculiar smell, and make the soup brine sweet


The scientific name of salt is sodium chloride, which is a kind of small crystalline particles with salty taste. It can detoxify and cool blood, moisten dryness and stop oxygen. Salt plays a role in fixing taste, seasoning, refreshing, relieving greasy and deodorizing in hot pot

Rock sugar

When boiling hot pot soup bittern, add rock sugar to make the soup mellow and sweet again, which has the effect of relieving spicy stimulation,

Cooking wine

Cooking wine is brewed with glutinous rice as the main raw material. It has a soft wine flavor and special aroma. The main function of cooking wine in hot pot soup is to increase flavor, improve color, remove fishiness and odor,

monosodium glutamate

Monosodium glutamate is extracted from soybean, wheat, kelp and other protein containing substances. It tastes delicious and has the function of adding freshness, fragrance and flavor in hot pot

Chicken essence

Chicken essence is widely used in recent years as a strong fresh aid. It is refined from chicken eggs and sodium glutamate. The flavor of chicken essence is the amino acid decomposed from plant protein automatically. The function of chicken essence is to increase freshness and taste


Pepper. Pungent, temperate, strong aromatic smell. It has the effect of dispersing cold, invigorating stomach and soothing Qi. It is used to remove fishy smell, press Sao in Qingtang hot pot, increase fragrance and taste