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How can parents strengthen the immunity of newborns?

How should parents strengthen the newborn's immunity? What are the skills to improve the newborn's immunity? How can newborns improve their immunity? How to improve the skills to improve the newborn's immunity? Here are some skills to introduce how parents strengthen the newborn's immunity.

Tip 1: touch to improve baby's blood circulation

In natural childbirth, the contraction of the birth canal, squeezing the fetus, is a beneficial physical contact, conducive to the development of the baby's nervous system. After birth, the mother's physical contact will make the baby have a great sense of security, can promote the baby's physical development, especially for the premature infants with light weight at birth.

Touching can improve baby's blood circulation, enhance immunity, and can enhance food digestion and absorption, reduce crying, improve sleep.

Tip 2: don't eat too much -- avoid the burden of spleen and stomach

The viscera of infants are delicate, and the digestion and absorption function is not perfect. Although the development is vigorous and the need for nutrients is urgent, the function of spleen and stomach is relatively insufficient. If you eat too much, it will increase the burden of gastrointestinal, digestive dysfunction, prone to food accumulation, abdominal pain, leading to gastroenteritis, indigestion and other diseases.

Tip 3: drink plenty of boiled water -- keep mucous membrane moist

Drinking more water can keep the mucous membrane moist and become an important defense against bacteria. When going to kindergarten or going out, let children carry water bottles and drink whenever they are thirsty. Be careful to drink plain water instead of sugary drinks.

Tip 4: don't be too clean -- form immune memory

The immune system can form an immune memory of the infectious pathogen, which can be quickly eliminated in case of encountering it again. If your home is too clean and your child does not have a chance to produce antibodies through infection, the resistance will be weakened, which may lead to allergies and autoimmune disorders.

Usually as long as the use of general soap and water can achieve the purpose of cleaning, do not use disinfectant every day.

The above content introduces the skills to improve neonatal immunity, these tips are simple and easy, as long as parents are careful and patient, through these environmental protection, health, economic way, can greatly improve the baby's resistance! You may as well practice it, keep it, the baby's resistance will have a fundamental change. More topics about children's health Sihai Xiaobian will continue to introduce in the following article, welcome to check, Sihai Health Net wish you a happy life!