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It's very important to supplement zinc for babies in summer

In a twinkling of an eye, summer has arrived, and hot weather often makes people lose too much zinc. Maybe more parents still don't know why they need to properly supplement zinc for their babies. Let's have a specific understanding of why they need to properly supplement zinc in summer!

Why should we supplement children with zinc in summer? Summer is a high incidence season of zinc deficiency in children. There are three reasons:

First, the temperature is high, children sweat a lot, the body zinc element can be discharged with sweat, constantly lost.

Second, hot weather, poor appetite of children, so that zinc intake decreased.

Third, children are prone to digestive tract diseases in summer, the most common is diarrhea, which will also cause zinc loss in the body. According to statistics, the incidence of low zinc in small patients in summer is more than 60%. Therefore, we should pay attention to zinc supplement for children in summer. The zinc needed by human body is mainly taken from food. There is more zinc in seafood, and oyster is the most abundant.

The zinc content of animal food is higher than that of plant food, and the amino acids produced after the decomposition of animal protein can promote the absorption of zinc, with the absorption rate generally around 50%; while the zinc contained in plant food can be combined with cellulose into insoluble compounds, thus hindering the absorption of human body, with the absorption rate only around 20%; the liver, lean meat and egg yolk of animal are rich in zinc.

The highest zinc content was found in kelp and laver. Parents should encourage their children to eat more of the above food, and cultivate their children to develop a diet habit of not being partial to food, not being selective about food, and reasonable matching of coarse and fine grains. The medicine supplement should be given zinc sulfate syrup or zinc gluconate and other preparations under the guidance of the doctor. The general medication is 2-4 months. The medicine should be stopped in time after the reexamination is normal. It is necessary to be careful that the effective dose of zinc is very small from the toxic dose, and improper use can easily lead to excessive use, resulting in zinc deficiency, copper deficiency, anemia and a series of diseases.