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How does winter child cough do? Nursing methods of cough in children

Cough, cough, cough! Why is the child always coughing?! Especially in winter, the number of children with cough increases sharply. Children cough is a distressing thing for many parents. Because children's respiratory defense function is not perfect and cough reflex is not sensitive, their cough and expectoration symptoms are different from adults. Younger infants will choke when drinking water and feeding. In severe cases, they choke out of their mouth and nose as soon as they are fed, resulting in difficulty in eating. If you are negligent, weak infants may choke into the trachea and block their breathing, which is life-threatening.

There are three main aspects of baby cough care:

First, diet. When the baby coughs, eat less vegetables, crabs and persimmons. If the baby coughs early, you can eat some pear stewed rock sugar. If you cough for a long time with white phlegm, we don't advocate stewing rock sugar with pears. You can eat some radishes.

Second, clothes. It's cold. The baby can wear shoes, cotton breathable clothes inside and some cardigan zipper coats outside, which is convenient for the baby to wear. Because if you wear too many pullovers, the baby will not take off when it is hot, and the heat is not easy to dissipate, causing cough and fever.

The third is drugs. At the initial stage, some cough and anti-inflammatory drugs can be used. If the condition can not be improved in 5 days to a week, we suggest stopping the treatment of antibiotics and Western medicine, and some methods of traditional Chinese medicine can be used. Of course, we should also pay attention to strengthening the baby's physique and comprehensive adjustment.

In short, for exogenous cough, relieving cough is not the purpose, and don't be in a hurry to stop cough. As long as you publicize and disperse external pathogens in time and take correct care, you can avoid detours and cure easily.