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How does winter darling hand and foot give out cold sweat to alleviate?

How does winter darling hand and foot give out cold sweat to alleviate? How does winter darling hand foot ice do? How to alleviate the problem of baby's cold hands and feet? Winter temperature is low, has given the baby to wear thick, but the baby's hands and feet or cold, this in the end is why? Experts point out that the baby's cold hands and feet are mostly caused by poor blood circulation.

It's mostly caused by poor blood circulation

"My baby's hands and feet are always cold. Is there any disease?" Asked Wang Xin, a young mother. The baby's hands and feet are cold, which makes many parents worried.

Parenting experts point out that children's cold hands and feet are mostly caused by poor blood circulation. The blood circulation of the human body is not good, will let the peripheral blood supply is insufficient, appear the phenomenon of cold hands and feet. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, children often have cold hands and feet, which represents Yang deficiency constitution and is caused by deficiency of Qi, blood, yin and Yang.

Yang Qi deficiency, beware of cold evil entering the body

Children with cold hands and feet are always worrying. They feel that their constitution is weak and Yang Qi is deficient. As long as they catch cold carelessly, they will get sick. Although the baby's hands and feet cold is not a serious thing, but parents should also pay more attention.

Children with cold hands and feet caused by Yang Qi deficiency have weak resistance and are easy to get sick repeatedly. Especially in winter, it may lead to cold pathogen into the body, children suffering from upper respiratory tract infection, pneumonia and other respiratory diseases, as well as infectious and immune diseases.

In addition, if the baby's little hands are frozen in winter, it may produce frostbite and other skin problems.

Room temperature is about 20 ℃

How should darling hand foot cool do? Should we dress them more and cover them more tightly? When at home, should we turn on the electric blanket and air conditioner to prevent the baby from catching cold?

In fact, if parents blindly cover their children too tightly, it is also easy to cause diseases. Wen jiangge said that the suitable room temperature for children is about 20 ℃. If the temperature is too high, children often sweat, and it is easy to cause disease. And there's a saying, "children's diseases that come out of the cold are easy to cure, but those that come out of the heat are not."

How to relieve the baby's cold hands and feet?

Experts suggest that parents can do some hand rubbing exercises to promote blood circulation for their children, go to the hospital for infantile massage, and take some drugs to dredge channels and collaterals and warm yang qi.

Internal heat is divided into excess heat and deficiency heat

Contrary to the symptoms of cold hands and feet, many baby's hands and feet are always warm, like a small heater.

Now children's hand and foot heat is very common, mostly related to internal heat. Internal heat in children can be divided into excess heat and deficiency heat.

So, how do we distinguish between real heat and virtual heat?

Children with excess heat tend to be inflamed and thirsty. Excess heat can be divided into stomach excess heat and liver excess heat. Most of the children with virtual heat are flushed, and their palms and feet are very hot. When they sleep at night, they often kick the quilt and want to bare their feet.

Internal heat can also cause disease

'My baby's hands and feet are always warm. Is this a sign of good health? Can internal heat cause disease? " Asked Xu Ming, the parent.

In fact, parents of children with internal heat should also pay more attention to it. According to expert analysis, most of the children with real heat have better physique, but their internal fire is more abundant, and they are prone to oral sores. If the stomach is too hot, there may be bad breath, nausea, dry stool, want to vomit and other symptoms.

The children with deficiency heat constitution are also relatively weak. It is very likely that in the recovery period of respiratory diseases such as pneumonia, the remaining evil causes deficiency heat constitution. Children with deficiency heat constitution are prone to suffer from nephritis, diarrhea and other diseases.

You can press the child's Yongquan acupoint

How should babies with internal heat improve their symptoms?

Because this kind of baby mostly likes barefoot, sleep kick quilt, always feel very hot. Therefore, keeping warm in winter is also very important. Parents must not neglect their warmth because their children's hands and feet are always hot. They must wear gloves and cotton shoes when going out. Some babies sweat easily under their feet and sometimes soak their socks. Parents should be diligent in changing socks for them.

In addition, experts say that parents can usually press Yongquan acupoint on the sole of their children's feet, which has the effect of igniting fire and returning home, and is more beneficial to children with internal heat.

There is a secret recipe for protecting children's feet

When children begin to learn to stand and walk, parents should pay attention to their feet, because feet are the foundation of the human skeleton. If all parts of the body are to be well developed, the feet should have enough support and protection.

For children's foot protection, there are the following suggestions:

Develop the habit of doing exercise, strengthen the foot muscles, the amount of exercise should be gradual.

Check regularly. If flat feet or heel pain are found, treat them as soon as possible.

Wear appropriate shoes and add insole when necessary to support arch or shock absorption, and keep good foot posture.

When choosing shoes, we must choose according to children's foot shape, and take comfort as the first principle. It is not the best for expensive, new or famous shoes. An inappropriate pair of shoes will cause trauma and hinder foot development.

Tips for choosing shoes:

It's better to buy shoes at dusk, because the size of feet will be larger after walking all day.

After wearing new shoes, if there are red marks or pain on the feet, it means that the shoes may be too tight or not suitable for the foot type.

The worn soles should be replaced immediately, not to mention the old shoes of elder brothers and sisters. Because everyone's foot shape and way of walking are different, the sole has its own unique foot shape and wear condition. Wearing other people's old shoes will cause uneven stress on the foot, which is easy to cause muscle strain or weakness, and lead to problems such as entering foot, eight foot, flat foot, ankle sprain, etc.

After reading the above content, we should have some understanding of how to alleviate the problem of cold hands and feet in winter. More topics about children's cold hands and feet will continue to be introduced in the following article. Welcome to check. Wish you a happy life!