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In summer, the elderly eat more than four melons

Summer is hot, the diet of the elderly should be to clear heat, heat, detoxification, thirst, diuresis is good, seasonal melon fruit is a good partner for the elderly.


The first fruit is not only of edible value, but also of high medical value. It is a good product to relieve heat, quench thirst and diuresis. When encountering extreme heat, especially fever, holding watermelon to sleep is more effective than applying ice bag to cool down. However, watermelon is cold and can't eat too much at a time.

Wax gourd

Rich in vitamin B, skin and meat can be used as medicine, folk have 'wax gourd into the house, not into the pharmacy'. The most effective way to urinate is to drink wax gourd soup. Old people with indigestion in summer, with wax gourd and lotus seed, Lily and duck soup drink, can relieve heat and appetizer.

Towel gourd

It can relieve heat and disinfect, dredge meridians and remove phlegm dampness. With towel gourd, almonds and chicken feet soup drink, heat and moisture. Summer raw prickly heat, if with Luffa juice oral can cool blood detoxification.


Melon is one of the most nutritious species, known as' good medicine for the world '. Regular consumption of good excretion of gastrointestinal spoilage food, good for lowering cholesterol. Especially often the lip is scorched, the tongue is dry, the throat is dry, take the tender cucumber as the fruit to eat raw has the wonderful effect.